Messy ponytail, glasses, gadgets and a Saturday morning. That’s all I need and off I go. Off to get my geek girl on. Then one day, trolling the interwebs I came across a jumper more perfect, more wonderful than anything I could have dreamed up. It had geek written on it and was framed by some pretty hipster looking spectacles. I ordered it immediately of course and I’ve been wearing it every chance I get since. Which has been plenty with all this rain around.

This one day I was wearing it and heading for coffee with hubby so we grabbed some pics. Luckily the shop with my favourite white wall is closed Saturdays. I really hope these guys don’t have surveillance cameras… Can you imagine how funny that must look on camera? Blogger comes screeching into car park, pushes Hubby out of car, places camera in his hands, poses up a storm and climbs back in and leaves. It’s sort of creepy if you think about it. And that’s not counting the times when I do an outfit change when recreating an outfit.

Topless in the car park. So much for not being naked on the interwebs. Ha.

Now, after that charming delay, back to my geek sweater. So the short version is that it arrived the day after I picked up this cute navy and white stripe skirt from Big W. A match made in heaven. I’ve worn them together to more than one morning coffee. I think I’m going to have to lower the wear rate or people will start to question whether or not I wash them between wears. But heck when you’re on to a good thing, go with it I say. After all, I did wear different shoes each time. That counts…

Plus size outfit with ASOS Curve Geek Tee 005

Plus size outfit with ASOS Curve Geek Tee 002

Plus size outfit with ASOS Curve Geek Tee 007

Plus size outfit with ASOS Curve Geek Tee 004

Plus size outfit with ASOS Curve Geek Tee 008

Plus size outfit with ASOS Curve Geek Tee 006

Plus size outfit with ASOS Curve Geek Tee 001

Jumper – ASOS Curve
Skirt – BigW
Sneakers – Converse
Glasses – SpecSavers


So fellow Geeks, do you have a high rotation outfit?

  • Kelli

    You look great!! Love this whole outfit. I have a similar go-to one but I think I need another oversized jumper just to mix it up a little, haha!

    Question – Is the skirt a pencil skirt or more flowy but just happens to pull in nicely?

    • Thank you Kelli. You and me both! Haha.

      It’s a pencil skirt I guess. I think they call them tube skirts. It’s pretty much a rectangle.

  • Amy Wells

    I would totally wear that EXACT out fit, right down to the geek chic specs ( though mine are not from Specsavers, they’re from my work and were entirely gifted by supplier reps. Score! )

    • Thank you! And free specs, well that’s even better.

      • Amy Wells

        Oh yea…. I own at least 8 pairs of specs ( though only 5 have my current prescription ) and 6 of them were completely ‘complimentary ‘ from reps!

  • sydneyshopgirl

    Those orange Cons are da bomb too.

    SSG xxx

  • Hey Sugar. What size is the jumper? I want to get one!

  • Cute outfit! I want the skirt! x

  • Spijkerkat

    ah you are so cute, i love this combo 🙂

  • Yep! No wonder you wear this outfit often, it;s awesome! Love the coloured cons with it!

  • Laura

    Hey, I have also recently bought this top but struggling to style it in a way that’s not daggy-sweats-around-the-house. I don’t have a skirt like yours in the picture 🙁 Can you give any tips?

    • Sure. Try them with slim fit jeans or shorts. I wear mine ALL the time as a slouch around the house type of thing. So I hear you on that one. Haha.

      • Laura

        Yay! Went into Big W today and the skirt that you are wearing in the picture was only $7.50.
        Definitely going to steal your style now!