From where I stand… people are generally good and kind.

From where I stand… the heat of Summer is a love/hate thing.

From where I stand… every day is a new day and wasting it is just a little bit insane.

From where I stand… nothing is more important than family.

From where I stand… soda water is more fun to drink than flat water.

From where I stand… my husband is a goof ball and has a thing for blondes, apparently.

From where I stand… the importance of cleaning up my robe room is TINY.

From where I stand… this post was just something that I wanted to write after finding this feet photo.

From where I stand I am blessed, grateful and a lucky duck.

What’s it like where you stand? 

  • From Where I stand…the universe is testing us out, but its a good thing! We get to finish more of our motorhome before leaving here and heading south 🙂

    • Hang in there, you’ll be on the road sure enough, I’m sure. Patience and all that, yes, a lesson I’m still learning apparently.

  • From where I stand…. My cat is my child.
    From where I stand…. Ice cream for dinner is ok

  • Patrick weseman

    “Stand in the place where you live, now face north
    Think about direction wonder why you haven’t
    Now stand in place where you work, now face west
    Think about the place where you live wonder why you haven’t before”

    -From the song “Stand” by REM

  • Jen R

    From where I stand…anything is possible..Happy 2013 to you Melissa xx