Amanda Claire & Mum pose for a photo.
And the action that follows well, that about sums Ac up!
So today is the day. It is finally here. I am writing this as I work on the slide show presentation for the party. And as I sift through some photos and more photos and even more photos I am struck by who you are, kid. I am so proud to be your sister. 
The joy that just exudes from you. I wish I had half of it. Your beauty, your charm and your sense of humour and fun. Whenever I think of you it makes me smile. That wit. Gosh, you are a funny one. And I can’t even bring myself to hate you for being the little, cute one. Not that I haven’t tried. Ha!
And life has dealt you some struggles. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing but your courage and your strength held you afloat in those times. I watched when you were so little, going through what you did. All the hospital visits, the ongoing treatment, the operations. I was always so proud of you. You were always so tough. 
But seriously, what was that obsession you had for eating melted cheese..?
Did I ever tell you I prayed for you? Well I did. When we found out that Mum was having a baby, I prayed for a sister. The one time that I have prayed for anything. And I was delivered what I wanted. And I have never regretted that prayer once. I have loved having you in my life, even when you were driving me batty, for every single second. 
And I did i tell you that I’m sorry I told you that you killed your twin sister. I know it is a bit of a family joke now. But I am sorry. And no, just in case you are wondering, Dad didn’t make me write that. I can’t imagine what I was thinking that day on the small bridge in Kandanga when I told you you pushed your twin off. Sigh. That was such a horrible thing to do. Hindsight, what can I say, I wouldn’t do it again. 
And today, on your big 21st, I want to wish you all the love, the joy, the abundance and the fun you could ever want. Safe travels on your {second!} big European adventure. I’ll miss having you around. Yeah, I know, it’s only a few weeks. Anyway. Back to the point.
Happy Birthday Kid. I love you. You’re awesome {And by the way, this is that blog thing of mine I keep talking about}. With all the love in the world.
Your big sis. 

  • rinniez

    awww this is sooooo sweet! i wrote similiar letters to my lil sis on her 16th and 18th birthdays… i cant imagine her turning 21 and really being all grown up tho (probably cause im not even 21 yet lol).sounds like your sis is lucky to have such a great big sis!xx

  • Oh what a lovely post, I hope your sis has a wonderful day and gets spoilt rotten!!x

  • LOVEly! Can I ask how old you were when you told her she pushed her twin sister off a bridge? Did she really have a twin sister or is it something that you say to younger siblings like 'Mum, didn't tell you you were adopted?' xx

  • Ashley, I was 9 or 10. And no, she didn't have a twin. It was one of those things you say to get younger siblings to behave. Sigh.