Floral for Spring, how original, says Meryl Streep’s character in the Devil Wears Prada. How VERY original indeed. Except for me, I didn’t really GET the whole floral thing. giant flowers plastered all over me is not something I was keen to experience. But this year, I’m not sure if it’s all the blogging or the trying of new stuff or what, but I’ve fallen in love. I want floral everything. Blazers {did you see the matching blazer to his skirt? It rocks!}, pants, skirts and dresses, of course. Floral baby.

Now let’s talk about the skirt. I requested it in a size 20. I’m still pretty much a 20/22 and this baby is snug. My other Virtu skirts were all a 20. So keep this in mind when shopping. It’s got a little less stretch then the other similar skirts, I think because of the longer, narrower cut. It is the same stretch fabric that has a good density to pull in the little bulges and bumps while giving you freedom of movement.

Virtu have gotten rid of the waist band I hated and had unpicked on my other skirts. You know, the one with elastic but rolled over and stitched at the sides? The one that rolls over and over and just bulks up and cuts you off. So this small change gets an enthusiastic thumbs up from me. Watch the fit and you’ll be as happy as I am. But you’ll be able to bend over a bit more. HA. Lucky you.

When this skirt first arrived I imagined it with a white top, then pink, then yellow, orange and finally decided to go with the black. The best part about it is that I wore it to work with a black tee and khaki coloured heels and it was really fresh and classic. You can just pick up colours from the detail and run with it. Such a versatile print, for sure. A little bit more low-key than a tropical print. Which has its place, of course but sometimes it’s nice to be a little more subtle. Because of ALL that we also grabbed photos of this skirt with a loose fit sheer, orange top which I’ll share with you another time. There HAS to be a limit to how many photos you should share of yourself in a single post, right? Oh heck, one more!

Necklace – TS 14+

Peplum Top – ASOS Curve

Floral Skirt – Virtu {gifted}

Heels – Emerson for Big W

{some brand associations apply, please see my disclosure policy}

  • Jackie Brown

    I love floral anything, it makes me feel feminine 🙂

  • That necklace rocks!!! Looking gorgeous lovely!

    • It absolutely does. It comes in purple and a birdie tells me more colours soon.
      Thank you Lauren.

  • April

    Nice colours! Looking great 🙂

  • MultipleMum

    My boss rocked a floral jacket a couple of weeks back. Hello spring! Looking fab Suger x

    • I really wasn’t sure about it all. But the more I see it, the more I LOVE it. Hello spring indeed!
      Thank you. 🙂

  • Love the skirt but I LOVE that necklace!

  • Um, YOU LOOK AMAZING! I think this is my favourite outfit i’ve seen you wear! I’ve been eyeing that TS necklace!

  • Carly Findlay

    You look stunning! I think the skirt would go well with a cobalt blue or even a jade green peplum top. I think the thing that makes you so stylish is that your clothes fit so well.

    • Thank you. Absolutely. I would love LOVE a colbalt peplum top. And thank you, I always buy what fits me, not what size I think I should take. It serves me well. 🙂

  • You look really nice! That skirt looks so nice on you, I wish I looked that good in a skirt!

    • Thank you Jana. I’m a skirts girl. Mostly. I’m sure you have your thing too.

  • Michelle

    Niceeee! Do you wear any special “foundation” garments? I’ve seen some advertised at Virtu (I think) and just wondering if you wear any? I am asking a few plus sized bloggers their opinions!! I’d like to buy some but am worried that under skirts etc they may make me overheat in summer!!

    • I didn’t here, actually. The skirts are quiet sturdy and supportive. And I always buy underwear with wide sides to give a nice, flat line. I think that’s important too. I will sometimes wear shorts like they have on the Virtu site to give a bit of coverage if I’ll be walking a lot or something like that. Watch the sizing for every day wear, if it’s too firm I find them constrictive and too hot. Hope that helps! 🙂

  • Oooh, I want a cobalt peplum top too! I’m having trouble finding one that isn’t too high necked – they make me look like the prow of a ship!

    • Haha. I have no idea what the prow of a ship is, but I assume that’s a bad thing.

  • You can wear so many different coloured tops with that amazing skirt! You look hot btw! I’ve tried on (not bought just tried) some floral print pants but can never find the right one that doesn’t make me look like I’ve got pyjama pants on!! Any suggestions?
    And…umm…can I confess that I was too much of a chicken sh*t to say hi to you at the Probloggers Conference even though I kept on eyeing you from afar…and near..yes silly I know.

    • You absolutely could. It’s the best. Thank you.

      Depending on your size, I’ve seen great ones at Dream Diva for plus size ladies and Styling You showed off some awesome ones from Feathers on her blog a while ago.

      Really! Oh no. another time I hope. Next time just come on over. I don’t bite. Promise. 🙂

  • You are just right at home in that garden! It looks fabulous on and, as always, you have styled it really well! No surprises there! x

    • Sick of standing in heels. Guilty as charged. Haha. Thank you lovely. You’re so good to me.

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  • hi there Sugar! could you pretty please tell me what size this peplum is? i have ordered a 20 fronm asos and am wondering if it will fit or not! and i recently purchased the autograph denim jacket in the same size as yours the 18! so i am hoping i have order the right size! 🙂

    • You’re so lucky, I’m sitting in my robe room right now flicking through stuff on my phone. My pink peplum is the UK 24 and the black is UK 22. They have a fair amount of stretch so see how you go. Hope that helps. xo

      • thank you soo much! i am a little bit worried now i purchased the 20! 🙁

        • Is that the UK20? You could be fine. An 18 in Autograph is a size {at least} smaller than I would normally buy, so I think you’ll be close. But for future reference I almost always order the UK 24 from ASOS because it’s easier Pull it in than take it out. Mostly.