Oh hello TV people, welcome to the blog! We’ve often talked about Netflix, the shows and movies we’re watching, on the Facebook page, so it’s great to have you here. Some of these choices could be controversial and I’m okay with that. After all, it’s TV, how serious could the discussion about such things really get. Don’t answer that, I know, it’s very serious business. Haha.

Anne with an E

Guuuuys, Anne Shirley spoke to me as a tween and not just because I longed for red hair. Her passion and love of books were something I related too. She was relatable with her short temper and tendency for whimsy. When I heard there was a remake, well, I was equal parts excited and nervous they’d ruin my life. But I watched the show and enjoyed it LOTS.

I watched the whole first season in one day and was emersed in this world. A week later I was click-baited into reading an article about how they’d got it SO TERRIBLY WRONG (contains spoilers!) with comments about how ‘dark’ it was in places. I tend to disagree, the darkness is what gave it its light, to pretend otherwise doesn’t take into account the full potential of the story. And without giving too much away, there is one part with Matthew I totally agree with their comments.

One hundred percent worth the watch, and not just for nostalgia’s sake.

Schitt$ Creek

This is so much fun. Seriously, you’ll start watching and wonder where the time went. At first, I thought the ridiculousness of it would overwhelm the fun, but I sort of became immune. To the accents, the eye roll inducing privilege and the, at first, glaringly obvious plot lines. But this show has guts, and it’s charming; I think you’re going to love it.

And Eugine Levy, I mean, you can’t go wrong with him and his monotone, totally unique voice. The cast, in general, is pretty amazing which once again reminds you Netflix just be making some serious CASH. What I didn’t get though is the Mayor’s faux belly. I mean, it was fake, right? I spent way too long looking at his midsection attempting to work out what was going on there and why they didn’t just leave it be. Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned it, now you won’t be able to unsee it. Sorry.


A while ago now, in summer ahhh summer, I reviewed the book. I took it to the beach and binge read it that day. A simple uncomplicated read, I felt there was a lot in there to inspire a small business owner about branding and marketing. So, I was ready to love the show and I did! I felt inspired to get out there to kick some ass.

There’s plenty of conversation online about whether or not it’s intolerable or interesting, so worth a watch to decide for yourself. But the thing is that if you’ve followed much of the Girlboss story, there’s a lot of personal growth that has happened/is happening for the leading lady. In season one, we see that first hand. But in the end if you don’t take it too seriously, there are some killer clothes, there is San Fransisco and all the 90/00’s flashbacks a girl can handle. Hello, memory lane.

Black Mirror

You’re going to start watching this and think I’m nuts. And seriously, I wouldn’t blame you. Hang in there for one more episode than you think you can. It might just grow on you. Or maybe, like us, it will have you from the first episode to the very end. Riveted and in equal parts revolted and outraged. It’s not for everyone, but what it is is an intense look at social media, connectedness, perversion, and relationships.

I’d say more but really there’s not much more to say. You’re going to love it or hate it, so see how you go. When it ended, I felt like I did at the end of the Hunger Games books. I was haunted for weeks while my brain went about processing a why… Enjoy that. That’s a genuine thriller outcome, I think.


When I finished the first episode of this show, I literally exclaimed (people do that) well, that wasn’t like the comic! Because it isn’t, it is, but it isn’t. A friend described it as Archie meets Twin Peaks and maybe that’s the best description. It’s dark and moody. Apparently, that’s Netflix’s thing. Take your childhood favourite and make them twisted. The exception being the Fuller House thing, no comment.

But you’re going to love this show if you miss the one show a week format. That said, season one is now done, so binge away. Or if people pretending to be teenagers who never seem to have to be home are your thing. As a long time Archie comics fan, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I even manage to get over the fake redhead Archie, and that says a lot. Haha.

That’s my current favourite five, shout out to Drew Barrymore’s Santa Clarita Diet as like, a highly commended or something. So tell me, what are YOU watching on Netflix at the moment? And is it just me, or is this the best $10 a month you’ve ever spent?

  • Kez

    I can’t wait to watch #Girlboss! I’m halfway through the book and once I’m done with that I’m going straight to the series, loving the book so far! Xx

    Kez | acaciasdreams.com

    • Good plan! I enjoyed it more, I think, having read the book. Let me know how you go!

  • Samantha Lines

    I have so many thoughts about this list, Melissa!

    Anne with an E: I hated it. LOVED THE BOOKS. Cannot stress that enough. But the TV series didn’t capture my imagination and I found it very flat. I watched maybe half an episode at most. I just could not continue to watch it.
    Girlboss: I enjoyed it and hated it in equal measures. Seriously, who picks up pizza with their toes? I found Sophia very difficult to understand as I feel she and I are such different people and I probably wouldn’t like her IRL. I LOVED Annie though. She was amazing.
    Riverdale: I’m struggling to get into this. It’s not that it’s not interesting or that the acting is bad, it’s just that I’m struggling to connect with it entirely. I do however love the fact that Barb is in it. Perfection that she is.

    Of course, my favourite part of this list is that everyone is different when it comes to TV shows and people enjoy vastly different things. I look forward to the next list and being introduced to something new 🙂

    • (take two! Disqus ate my last comment, sigh)

      I totally think that disagreeing on shows is a-okay! Some days, I’m not even sure I agree with me. Haha. And to be honest, your comments on both the shows are reflected by others online too. Goes to show, it really is horses for courses. Thanks for weighing in Samantha! x

    • Mahina Hathaway

      Hahaha I also hated Anne with an E. And I have read ALL of LM Montgomery’s books at least five times. I love the 1980’s series with Megan Fellows with a fiery passion. This Anne with an E just falls very flat for me. It feels like it’s trying way too hard and falling way too short. Didn’t stop me watching the whole season tho! HAHAHA AND sitting in front of the TV shouting “that’s not in the BOOKS!” which cracked my husband up no end!!!
      I LOVED Dear White People. Loved the writing, loved the social commentary and loved the acting for the most part.
      Two days ago I binge watched Santa Clarita Diet and loved that too. So dark, so funny and I am a long time huge fan of Drew.
      I do miss the time when Netflix had an abundance of Catherine Cookson made for tv movies that I could binge on over and over and over. On the non-Netflix side of things, I am currently LOVING Reign. I stream it and am totally addicted. The stories lines are totally implausible and it’s not historically accurate at all! And I am hooked 😛 It may or may not have a little do with Megan Fellows, no matter how far removed her Queen Mother is from her Anne of Green Gables!!! I also need to binge on the rest of OITNB because I stopped watching that a couple seasons ago and I need it back in my life.
      My 2 cents anyways!

      • Love it! That’s not in the books is a common cry at our house. But more smug given my extensive bookishness, obvs. Haha.

        I have Reign and Dear White People on my list! Along with OITNB and a few of the others that have gone viral like Stranger Things and 13 Reasons (still not sure if I’ll watch that one). I get the feeling that even though we have similar taste in selecting shows, we may end up with different experiences! Haha.

  • I loved Girl Boss. Sure, it wasn’t perfect, but it was fun,and it was pretty inspirational in a ‘I can do the washing up/fold laundry without focussing too hard’ kind of way. Black Mirror is the only other show I’ve watched so far and that was with Mr 16 as a bonding exercise. It’s possibly a bit adult, but he’s early read above his age group and his Dad always took him to grown-up movies so he can handle it. I really enjoyed it (well except for a few flinchy parts – you’ll know what I’m talking about) and it sparked some good conversations I think we need to have. Anne with an E was recommended by one of Miss 14’s teachers, which has put her off immediately. I never liked the books, which makes me think I’d like the show. To add one to the list, I loved Chasing Life, and was devastated when it ended.

    • Yeah, I can get sharing the show with a 16 year old. SHARING being the main thing. Being there to initiate conversation as it occurs is so important. I found it SO interesting. SO INTERESTING.