I have a thing for leggings. I love them. Too many years of having to choose between whether pants fit me at the waist or in the leg left me a little OVER the whole button digging into my belly, saggy leg, can’t there be something in the middle, dear God someone help me, thing. So leggings and I, we are good. Great in fact.

But around here you don’t get a lot of leggings weather. Not really. Sure you can pull on tights any old time you like but you can’t really build an outfit around them. Though to be honest between the gym and schlepping around the shops, I’m not adverse to the old leggings as pants thing. Crotch covered rule.

Anywaaaaaaay {the point, Suger, the point!}. Now is the time. It’s started. Now I can finally, finally wear leggings any whenever I want to and it’s finally time. It’s finally leggings season. I know because I woke up the other day and my first thought was, oh my nose is cold. That’s the official test. Dontcha know.

plus size leggings + tunic + shrug autumn winter-5 plus size leggings + tunic + shrug autumn winter-7 plus size leggings + tunic + shrug autumn winter-1

I’m wearing the new cocoon shrug from 17 Sundays for like the fifth day in the row here. Hubby literally stood over me and made me hand it over to put it through the wash. Geeeez, such a clean freak. Haha. Short version is the silky feel and the drape of it is pretty darn amazing. And the print just makes me smile. It actually reminds me of Claire from 17 Sundays, there’s something very her about it. Which makes sense since she designs them all. Derr.

But really what you want to know is about those leggings and why I feel like it’s okay to wear them as pants, right? Demanding bunch you are. Well these are the ASOS Curve pleated leggings in a UK24 SHORT. Yup. You read that right, short. I wanted them to crop at the ankle {because ankle freezing weather is few and far between here} so I could wear my ankle strap favourties with them. A great choice I think because they are perfect. They get a little large around the thighs after sitting in them a while, but I’ll forgive them. Love them. Well worth the measy sum they are charging for them. You’re welcome.

plus size leggings + tunic + shrug autumn winter-2 plus size leggings + tunic + shrug autumn winter-6

Longline Top – Target Australia
Unhook the Stars Cocoon Shrug – 17 Sundays
Pleated Leggings – ASOS Curve
Ankle Strap Heels – Target Australia {thanks Liv!}


plus size leggings + tunic + shrug autumn winter-4

Leggings as pants, yes?


  • Becky Brown

    These are really interesting

  • PrincessEatsPeaSoup

    I love the Cocoon Shrug. Now if I scrape together some pennies… I like that it’s long enough to cover the butt at the back and the light flowing fabric is a big plus for me as well.

    • It certainly is. Are you on Instagram? I wore it over my matching dress the other night and it sit under the butt crease on me and I have a long torso. It’s like a hug. You’ll love it. x

  • sheribombblog

    LOVE this outfit! I’m so glad they have these in standard sizing too! I just bought a pair 😀 No noisy thighs for me 😉

  • Mahina Hathaway

    “Too many years of having to choose between whether pants fit me at the waist or in the leg left me a little OVER the whole button digging into my belly, saggy leg, can’t there be something in the middle, dear God someone help me, thing”
    YES! THIS! I also love leggings.I love full length leggings tucked into boots, I love 3/4 leggings showing a tiny bit of leg before my ankle is swallowed up by boots. Lol, yes, leggings equals boots to me in most cases. I think they are a match made in heaven. They’re an awesome way of taking a summer dress into cooler months. They help me to avoid thigh chaffing, without mega bulk. And I am a rare kiwi who isnt totally adverse to leggings as pants (within reason. Like you said, crotch covered!).
    I just received a stash of online shopping I did last week from City Chic and ASOS. Cant wait to get home to try on. I will actually probably do a mini try on in the loos here at work and emerge in a different outfit from what I went in wearing!
    Oh yeah, and those heels are super cute!

    • Totally agree! So excited for leggings weather, I’m already dragging my boots out and about even though most the time it’s too warm to be wearing them shortly after. Haha. And a shopping stash waiting to be tried on is WAY too much to resist. I hope managed. 😉

  • So long as your crotch is covered, I don’t think it’s an issue. And please, decent quality leggings not the kind that get transparent when stretched! I had a woman go up the bus steps in front of me the other day in very stretched leggings and copped an eyeful of her knickers and butt crack! So not classy.

    I have a lot of fit problems with leggings too. My ankles are so thin that even if I get a tiny size, they flap around at the bottom.

    • Haha. Copped an eyeful indeed. Thank goodness she was wearing knickers! Haha.

      My friends gets hers taken in. It was her only options as she too as tiny ankle especially compared to her thighs. She keeps saying she’s going to learn to sew to do it herself but never gets around to it. 😉

      • That’s a good idea. I usually just stick to the mid-calf length. I have such skinny legs and big gut that I have issues with fit. I even tried on the apple shape skinny jeans at CC and the girl had to keep getting smaller sizes to get the right fit in the legs!

        • Oh yeah, clothes are absolutely made for the majority and especially in plus-size that doesn’t really exist. Soooo many different shapes and sizes.

  • These look like a much higher quality material for leggings than most people tend to wear. I can get behind these as pants.

    Me personally I have the same rule – crotch must be covered. But this does not just go for leggings. For me the same goes for work pants unless they are quite thick material.. I really do not want to be seeing anyones lady parts as a surprise to myself. Sometimes people wear material as pants that simply should not be worn as pants, it is not just leggings.

    But pls, I do not want to see any more butt crack through leggings *and* underwear. My eyes just can’t deal with that, ok? 🙂

    • Haha. Lots of debate on the quality of leggings required for them to be called pants today. Love it. Did you see the comment from Kathryn below? She copped an eyeful of just that. Now that is absolutely a downside. 😉

  • I love leggings! And opaque fluoro tights. Right now I’m sitting here in a long-sleeved black dress and pink tights and I’m so happy 🙂

    I go with the crotch covered rule for myself. I’m too old to go around showing off my bum. A lot of the younger set in Wingham get around in T-shirts and leggings, and more power to them, but it’s so not me.

    I love that shrug too. Waaah I hate being on a clothes budget >_<

    • Ahh yes, ye olde clothes budget. I’ve been there. Luckily these days the blog either pays for the clothes is has become the source for the clothes that are sent from the brands. I often think I’d have my pool in my backyard by now if not for al the clothes. But then, I can’t give them up. 😉

  • Those leggings are FIERCE. Love!! Lol at your hubby demanding the shrug to wash 🙂

    • SO awesome. And yes, can’t say I blame him, I’ve been using a boy antiperspirant because I need to grab a new one and I’m a lazy bum so it probably smelt of sweaty man too. WORSE. 😛

  • And you’re not just wearing ANY old leggings, you’re donning some completely killer ones! PHWOAR! I need to get my paws onto these, quick-smart!

    • Haha, Killer ones indeed Mumma. Do, absolutely do. Plenty of room for you and bubs in these AND they’ll be great afterwards.

  • Haha! I recognise those leggings! I don’t think they even feel like leggings; the fabrics too thick and not super stretchy.They feel like pants. That’s what I rationalise when I wear them crotch-uncovered 😉

    • I’m sure you do! Love them. Great tip lady. And yes, HA, love that. Sheri was wearing hers the other day with a shorter peplum admiring how great her butt looked in them. They really are more pants than leggings I suppose.