17 sundays jacket blouse + asos curve denim skirt-16

Let me tell you about the time I seriously misjudged the unofficial dress code at Palazzo Versace. Actually, now that I write that, there probably IS an official dress code that I missed. Whooops. Anyway. That’s a story you’d like to hear, right? I know I give off this vibe like I’m perfectly poised and perfect in every and all situation (stop laughing!) but I really got it wrong this time and I knew from the moment I tried to enter the property via the service exit on the windiest day ever.

Shall we?

I entered a giveaway of sorts on Chantelle’s blog; she was recently named an Olympus Cameras ambassador and was hosting a lunch for a group of readers. I immediately bribed my way in with offers of helping to set up. I’m tricky like that. When the ‘you’re in’ email arrived; I was excited to read that it was going to be at the Palazzo Versace, I’d never been there.

What to wear to said event bothered me for a while but I soon forgot about it in the blur that was the next few weeks leading up to the event that was the Thursday before the ProBlogger event. Soon I found myself standing over my suitcase the night before I was due to leave wondering what the heck I would wear. Thank goodness I have a number of clothes to cchoosefrom; fashion blogger win.

I decided I wanted something a little dressy, as a nod to the environment, but mostly fun and casual. I chose the new season jacket from 17 Sundays that had arrived the day or two before, matched it was a button up from the brand from ages ago and some strappy wedges. I just had to decide between the acid wash denim skirt, the leather look joggers or my black scuba pencil skirt… Decision decisions.

If you know me, you are starting to worry a little here… One of these things is more casual than the others… And my sleep deprived, packing overwhelmed self made a decision. And she chose the acid wash skirt. She chose the skirt despite it being button up down the front and prone to wrinkles. Especially after an almost 3 hour car ride and lunch. I was in trouble, and I didn’t even know it yet.

I arrived, parked my car, smoothed my skirt and strapped on my wedges and went in search of an entrance. I misreadย theย sign and soon found myself caught in the blustery day on the waterfront with nowhere but the maids entrance to get me back inside. I wandered around for a bit and gave up heading back to the front entrance where a property seminar was letting out for lunch.

Now if you want to see fancy, I highly recommend happening across something exactly like that. In sleek corporate dresses and Louboutin heels, they swooped across the lobby, polished and perfect as I trailed behind windswept in acid wash. It was about then that I chuckled to myself glad I hadn’t worn my sneakers and found an elegantly upholstered couch to flop onto and wait. Ok, not wait, Instagram. Same same.

I’ve taken some pics for you, so you can chuckle too. Cute outfit for sure, but sooooo wrong for this place. Awkward. Luckily Chantelle was warm and welcoming (as always), the lunch was spectacular and the company was even better. They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch but let me tell you my friends; this was a free lunch, and it was amazing. Soon I forgot all about being underdressed and got on with enjoying every little bit of it.

Plus I had bigger problems. Button gape problems! But that my friends is a tale for another day. Have YOU ever misjudged what you should wear to somewhere new? Make me feel better, tell me the tale. Check out the pics, I should’ve worn the scuba pencil skirt, right? HA.

17 sundays jacket blouse + asos curve denim skirt-10 17 sundays jacket blouse + asos curve denim skirt-14 17 sundays jacket blouse + asos curve denim skirt-13 17 sundays jacket blouse + asos curve denim skirt-15 17 sundays jacket blouse + asos curve denim skirt-12

Print Jacket – 17 Sundays {coming soon}

17 sundays jacket blouse + asos curve denim skirt-17

Tell me I’m not the only one who has done this!!?ย 

  • Yes but darling your skin looks *amazeballs*.

    They can buy Louboutins, they cannot buy your skin. At least, I hope not! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m starting up the Shoes thing on my blog this Sunday. I’ll be showing everyone where my shoes live, and it’ll be a link up thing like Aussie Curves, so everyone is welcome to join in. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Haha. Well I hope not too!

      Can’t wait! That’s fun. If I have another sneaker post I’ll be sure to link it up. What am I saying, derrr, of course I’ll have another sneakers post.

  • kp

    Ha you know my answer to that, BUT you still look Fabulous!

    • HA! Yes, well you ARE a little bit biased. Thank you KP. Next time the scuba can have a twirl at Versace. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Martina Hart

    yup. Shoulda worn the scuba. But its a really cute outfit and your skin is looking terrific

    • Haha. Indeed! That’s another idea for a killer outfit. And thank you, it took a bit of care and attention after the weeks of partying etc.

  • Ha, I did the opposite on my hols. I’d booked tickets for the opera in Rome. It’s the opera, everyone gets really dolled up, right? Apparently not. I’m in black on black with heels and full makeup. Everyone else is in tights and t-shirts. I wished I’d got the memo.

    • Oh yeeeees! Ugh. Hard to decide what is worse… I’ll let you have this round. Haha.

  • Love that jacket!!! I felt too casual at the Unlock Your Style launch (remember you stalked me up the stairs!) – even though I loved what I was wearing, I felt distinctly under dressed for the occasion when I saw all the glamour pusses in sequins … ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Thanks Janet! Haha. Me too actually. I almost wore my boyfrined jeans but at the last minute swapped for the leather look pants, my saving grace in the end. I’d wished I’d worn heels though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Kim

    I did that at my sister in law’s baby shower. It was for her second child and I was told it wasn’t anything fancy… just an informal get together. It was autumn so I wore jeans, a gray tank top, and an olive green cardigan with ballet flats. I get there and her friends were all dressed up like debutants in frilly, pastel dresses with pearls and heels. It was at her house and she told me that she actually changed and redressed her daughter after they had arrived. I felt so out of place and I tried to avoid being in any of the pictures since I stood out like a sore thumb.

    • Oh crap. Yup. I hear you. That’s the worst. The fact even she went and changed when they arrived says a lot about the difference in ideas about such things. Eeek.

  • Gia Pinferi

    Oh babe, hell no
    I’ve done far too many interviews in the Versace. I’m sorry for you. But these things happen I guess.
    Hope you enjoyed the food at least.

    • Did you just say hell no? Haha. It wasn’t that far off. But yeah, I had a fab day and I enjoyed myself at lunch. I’m not the sort of person who lets a bit of outfit trouble get in the way of a good time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Gia Pinferi

        Thats so true.
        At the end of the day, it so shouldnt matter about anything so plastic as clothing.
        But I totally felt your pain.
        At least the food was good and you had a great time .

        • It’s the worst right? When you arrive and you’re like, whooops, this was a mistake… Thanks Gia.

  • Mel Watson

    I love the combination of that shirt & jacket! For me the combo would be would be perfect with boyfriend jeans I do love this skirt though!

    • I put it on with boyfriend jeans the other day actually. Great minds. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I loved meeting you at the lunch and without sounding like a stalker, I was stoked when I saw we were sitting next to each other! I didn’t think you were undressed at all and loved your outfit from head to toe x

    • Thank you lovely. I appreciate that. We had a wonderful lunch I think. I don’t think with the company we kept that anyone would’ve cared if I show up in cut offs and a t-shirt… Except maybe that waiter that didn’t know what a safety pin was. ๐Ÿ˜‰