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I know I’m pretty new to this whole thing but is it just me or does blogging about clothes cost a fortune! I always seem to be buying something new, or looking something I then really want to buy, or being sent links and photos of awesome things I want to buy. Eeeeek. It’s all kinds of WOW. And I love it, I really do, I just had to say it. Woah. Who buys all those ladies the clothes from REAL label places week after week, month after month? You know, before they ‘make it’ and have everything sent to them for review..?

Do you ever wonder these things about fashion bloggers? Where all the money comes from to buy new and fabulous items week after week, month after month. I hope it’s not credit. I really do. That would be a sad thing if it was. Credit for clothes, I’d hate to ever encourage that in a reader. I am nothing if not fiscally responsible. Most of the time… You know. I don’t own a credit card. My Dad told me long ago not to bother and after a $20,000 fuck up {I know, I never use the f-bomb here, but that’s what it was} in my twenties, I can see why!

Short version. Don’t do credit for consumer things.

Like cars, Suger..!

Anyway, moving on.

It’s a weird experience for me. A personal blog really doesn’t cost more than your website and domain costs. Easy peasy. But to continue to provide content for a fashion blog, in a lot of ways you always need to be consuming. I feel a little weird about that. Excited and a little bit freaked out. More and more I find outfits I WANT to wear. Especially as I find out what my style really looks like. I love working part time, but sometimes I dream of doubling my workload so I can shop! There’s something not overly right about that… Right?

Will I somehow exchange my lifestyle, my peace of mind for money to shop with?

Gosh I hope not. Stop me if I do, would you.

I’ve worked hard to not have to work that hard.

So why then do I NEED another pair of floral pants?

Explain that to me?

  • For me, fashion is my life. I live and breath it. It’s the only thing I spend money on. At all. I don’t drink or smoke,I rarely buy music, dvd’s or anything like that, because If I did – I wouldn’t have fashion. Fashion got me through some incredibly hard, difficult & sad times in my life, and my love and addiction to it will never fade. I fear it will only grown stronger.

    My rule: I pay what bills need to be paid first then I can dream of floral pants.. or in my case floral dresses… or skirts….. or bags… you get my drift right? Luckily I’m also sent some thing’s to review from time to time, that helps greatly!

    • It’s a great rule. You have THE BEST stuff and I can tell that it’s what you’re committed to. My parents were the same. They didn’t drink, smoke or gamble {they use to say} but they LOVE cars. So they always had new, fast, shiny, wonderful cars. After the bills were paid. Thanks for weighing in Jess. 🙂

  • Rach aka Stinkb0mb

    You don’t. I will always be the one who will HAPPILY tell you that you don’t need another pair of floral pants or coloured jeans or even shoes [though I’m still in denial about the last one, I used to be such a shoe person, not sure what changed] because I’m just not into clothes or fashion, I wish I was but I’m not. Will that change in the future? Perhaps, who knows but as long as my body is clothed in semi comfy clothes, I’m happy, don’t care where I bought it or what the label says LOL

    As for credit. We recently reduced our credit card limit by A LOT and it feels so good. We will never get rid of it because it’s handy to have should an emergency crop up but because the limit is now so low, it’s never going to cause us any issues should we need to use it.

    And it is the rare person who can buy a car outright with cash. Like a mortgage, I really don’t have an issue with having a car loan, of course I’d prefer not to but I just see it, that in order to have a life, it would take me ages to save up enough cash to buy a car outright, so instead, I’ll borrow money to buy my car and still have a life in the mean time!

    • I know. I know. NEED is a strong word. But sometimes, that is the way I feel. And are you sure about the one more pair of coloured jeans thing? Huh? 😉

      I think getting rid of as much consumer credit is always a good thing. A smart thing for your peace of mind and for the economy. Well done you.

      We used to own our cars outright. We would trade in real estate and purchase big ticket items from the proceeds never having things like car loans or furniture cards or whatever. I agree though, for us, it’s a taxable deduction {to some degree} so not as bad for us as if I spent $30,000 on shoes, for example.

      Great addition to the conversation. xo

  • Steph

    I have had to replace numerous clothes with my weigh loss journey it is so expensive I have completed rough budget of costs over 3 years I am looking at hitting over 8 grand I’ve had to also replace all my shoes who would have thought you go down a shoe size 🙁

    • I’m only now starting to see a difference in sizing clothes wise and it’s SO disappointing but great at the same time, to have a piece of clothing you love hit the to be sold/given away pile. I guess in a lot of ways for me, clothes will be the reward as I go. I never plan to add up the total though. Brave lady! Haha.

  • sydneyshopgirl

    Really enjoy reading your insights into fashion blogging. I hear where you’re coming from. Never thought of it that way. I tend to reuse and recycle when I touch on fashion…
    SSG xxx

    • Thanks SSG. It’s almost like I can deliver an outsiders point of view with insider knowledge. The reuse/recycle thing is going to happen more and more here as my wardrobe gets shown piece by piece. It has to end somewhere, right? 😉

  • Bek

    I totally relate to this! I’ve bought more clothes since I started blogging, and I’m realising that I need to cut back. I just don’t have the cash. I usually buy from Big W/Best and Less, Autograph when they’re on sale, Asos when they’re in clearance, op shop etc. But I need to start imposing more limits. And have my blog show me remixing outfits more often- the average person could benefit from remixing ideas I think.

    • That’s what it is, right!? An awareness of what’s out there, the brands and the things you want but never have been able to find. It’s all there. With links! Eeeek. You and I have similar shopping locations by the sound of that.

  • Perhaps you could blog about fashion and trends etc but not buy it all….. Just comment on what others are doing – in plus sizes or elsewhere.

    • I think that could be a great idea. Might have to see what I can come up with. And if commentary is my thing. You know? Some people are SO great at it.

  • kathryn

    Yah for no credit card. People think I’m a freak when I say I don’t have one but I survive (without a massive debt).

    • Haha. Agreed. But with things like VISA debit etc, there’s really no need any more.

  • 1. yes – you do need that pair of floral pants – especially if it is those Dream Diva ones.
    2. like you my blog was mainly a personal blog, which has, thanks to Aussie Curves and other things, leaned further towards the fashion arena.
    3. I also made that particular fuck up with a credit card in my late 20s which is why at 36 I am only just able to afford my first home.
    4. for me – my new mortgage will be the catalyst to curb my clothes budget (although a celebratory champagne after settlement lead to drunk ASOS purchasing – I blame the alcohol, Facebook & T for Tabitha)…… Jessica, I love fashion. And cutting back is going to be hard. I will have to learn to “shop from my wardrobe”

    • 1. Agree. 100% Hubby is shouting me them as a congrats on 1,000 fb likes pressie. He’s the best.
      2. Nothing like a challenge to push you to do something a little different. Or more often anyway. 😉
      3. Ugh. I hear you. I was lucky I already had a home {I purchased my first at 18} and that when it went up in price I was able to pay them all off with the proceeds of the sale. You have no idea how much I wish I still owned that house. It’s my lesson in consumer debt EVERY TIME I drive past. 😉
      4. Shopping your wardrobe can be fun! I’m trying to organise mine to make it more shopping friendly. It needs work. Big time!

  • How did you manage to buy a house at age 18?! I live in Sydney and I somehow doubt I’ll ever own a home here, might have to invest elsewhere!

    • Haha. Fair call. My parents work in real estate so I’d been working towards it forever. I used a combination of a first home buyers grant and builders grant for the deposit {you could do that then} and about $5,000 in savings. I had no credit, had almost paid out a small car loan and had a job in the family business {pretty much until I died if I had wanted it, Haha}. I think that’s how.

      Starting investing somewhere else, even further outside of the city is a great way to get your foot in the door, I think. Then one day it might be the thing you need to trade up to your own home. I bought, built or renovated 5 homes before the one I live in now. Was an adventure, for sure. Haha. Talk to a mortgage broker or agent for more information but keep in mind their job is to sell you a loan and/or a house. 😉

  • Ttops

    I totally agree with you. Since i started blogging, i noticed that my shopping sprees have increased alot. I buy more things now than ever before. And i find that I dont need 99% of those things.

    • I wrote a series titled Budget Fashionista with different tips and ideas for stretching your budget and keeping out of credit card trouble. Good luck to you! It’s a tricky one.