Well well here we are talking about floral pants in Winter. Who would’ve thought. I’m a fan of floral prints but I’m picky about them too. I know what I like. Let’s just leave it at that. I’d been eyeing off the new releases at ASOS when these pants popped up. Well it was pretty much love at first sight! Not that I ever fall for that, I always save items to my saved items bag and let them percolate for a while before I buy them.

I’m not the only one who does that, right?

Anyway, these were a winner, I purchased them and soon they were on my doorstep. Within days I’d pulled them on with a black t-shirt and blazer for work. Feeling very much like the more chunky version of the ASOS model I was super happy with my purchase. So when I arrived home just after 2pm I begged a lounging around Hubby to please grab some pics.

He agreed but he told me I should wear a different colour jacket… Bossy sod he is. I had considered my orangey red blazer that morning so while he reversed the car out I grabbed it from the hook and went out to meet him. THEN he demanded we head to the ‘blue all’ Β to grab the photos. Excellent. Except this is a local business and it certainly wasn’t after 5pm! Awkward.

But here they are nonetheless. They’re a little too bright but you certainly get the idea. I’m a big fan of these pants. The material is sort of hard to describe {maybe the product description would help those with fibre knowledge}. They have stretch at the waist but there’s none in the fabric. If you’re between sizes order up, these are the style of pants that you can absolutely wear a little loose at the legs.

Try some floral pants this winter, I double dare you.

plus size asos curve floral pants outfit-2

plus size asos curve floral pants outfit-9

plus size asos curve floral pants outfit-4

plus size asos curve floral pants outfit

plus size asos curve floral pants outfit-5

plus size asos curve floral pants outfit-7

plus size asos curve floral pants outfit-3

Jacket – Crossroads
T-Shirt – Avella
Pants – ASOS Curve
Heels – Woman by Morrissey for Big W

Floral pants, do you dare?

  • Wendy Lawrence

    Wow Melissa, love this look ( your hubby was right) the orange blazer rocks!
    I’ve been thinking about these , was wondering about fabric
    Would totally look great with a light top and nude heels

    • Thank you! And yes, I absolutely agree. I also have my Harlow teal coloured top that will go well with it too! If only I had a white blazer!

  • Jess Tracey

    Inspired πŸ™‚ I had my eye on these pants but wasnt sure, you have convinced me thanks Mel πŸ™‚

  • Monique

    Would you recommend a size up?

    • I think so, yes. I think that it’ll be better to have these be a little too big then to have them be a little too small. The material is the type to rip at the seams if strained. So yes.

  • Mel

    Very noice! I’ve been eying off a pair of ASOS floral pants but I’m not sure about them…they are like yours but I think the fabric has a bit of stretch to it…

    • Hey lovely, did you get sorted on Twitter tonight? I got caught up putting my niece to bed and in the footy etc and didn’t get back until after. Liv has the pants you were talking about and she said they’re generous too.

  • Bold choice! I don’t think I could dare…Suits you though!

  • KazzBang

    Love this look on you! I agree about the floral – I’m super picky and as a result I have very few floral items. Love the side zips on these too

    • Thank you. And yes, I think you have to be, there’s so many ick florals out there. Haha.

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