My iPhone captures so many parts of my life, I wonder now where all those memories would have gone without it. Do you ever wonder that? I never pulled my camera out in the same way of I do my phone. A camera sometimes seems so intrusive, when the phone doesn’t. Funny that. Given what a disruption phones can be. It’s called silent people. Anyway, the point of this, to share some memories {big, small and in between} captured on my phone.

And now, I’m off, to capture some more today. Breakfast with some of the fam and on to Brisbane for the Sheri Bomb launch party! Squeeeee, I love a good blog party. And this one is a rockabilly, blog redesign launch, blog party! No really, does it get any better?

What memories are you capturing today?

  • stinkb0mb

    this morning i caught the memory of me sweating my arse off on the treadie – 2km done and dusted all before 7am thank you very much! AND i bettered my time by a whole 30 seconds, not too shabby for someone who hasn’t exercised for 1.5 weeks up until yesterday.

    right now i’m capturing the soon to be memory of my first cup o coffee and then eggs for breaky.

    later i’m thinking it’s time for some blog catch ups!

    hope you have a rockin time at Sheri’s blog relaunch.


    • Well done Rach! Way to kick it’s butt. Looking forward to getting back in action tomorrow morning. 5km here I come.

  • I have wondered the same…I would of been insane this last year with the isolation of having an unwell baby at home. So easy to grab the phone and connect with a friend or read an article or take a quick pic of something and instagram it. My oh my how the world has changed.

    • So true. I’m glad you had a lifeline. In whatever form. It’s tough when you’re isolated for whatever reason. Hope bubba is feeling better too.

  • I prefer my camera for photos. For me the phone is for talking and texting.
    These pictures are good. Like a little hint?
    Look at the bruschetta picture. See how much plate is visible at the front? Next time, pull the bruschetta forward a little more, about an inch, to lessen the amount of empty plate. Or fill it with a sprig of parsley or something…

    • Don’t get me wrong. I love my camera. But nothing beats the convenience of the phone.

      thanks for the tip.

  • Sheri Bomb

    Woo thank’s for the mention! I agree, I can’t believe I spent the last 22 years without Intagram 😛