For some, it seems, Melissa is a tricky name to remember. Or perhaps it’s just a tricky name to pronounce. People try for Melissa and Michelle pops out. Or Melinda, or Marissa… Heck sometimes even Vanessa. Hubby thinks that maybe I mumble or don’t articulate it properly sometimes. After all most people who first meet us think his name is Calvin because of how I say Kelvin. But surely I’m better with my own name, less likely to roll a few sounds? Or maybe not.

That or people forget.

Which is the more likely of the scenarios, most of the time. After an introduction or me answering the phone they reach for the name nearest in their brain that sounds vaguely familiar. Meh. It happens. I was just amazed how in one day it happened three times. Last week, a friend of the family that I’ve known since I was 10 called me Michelle. I just kind of looked at him, like, what, really? Ummm no. The scary part is, he didn’t even correct himself, just kept on rolling with the conversation.

Maybe he thought I wouldn’t notice.

Since I was TEN dude. That’s like 20 years this year. TEN. Gosh. I think he might be suffering from super early onset dementia or something. Or he’s always thought my name was Michelle. It’s not, FYI, in case you’re wondering. Makes you wonder though, doesn’t it? Is Melissa really that difficult to remember or say? No, it really isn’t. BUT neither are most names and when I am answering incoming calls at the office I often mistake or completely stuff up people’s names. It has to be an inattention thing. So I smile and correct where I can, I don’t want to be Michelle for forever {not that there’s anything wrong with that} and go one my way.

I have bigger things to worry about.

Like, why people think I’m saying Calvin when I say Kelvin for example.

And which do I prefer anyway… Calvin IS a nice name.

Does this happen to you? Is your name mix-up-able?

  • Amy

    Whoops. I’ve totally done this. I don’t know what it is, it just kinds of gets all muddled up in my mind! Staying with Suger in future 😛

  • Ah, I NEVER know what to say when people say my name wrong (and they ALWAYS do). It’s got so bad that with one set of friends they always introduce me as Tahlia, and it’s been like 6 months now… will I ever get my name back!!??!
    Wah. Actually, if you have any legit suggestions on what to do, I am all ears!

    People mess up Lior’s name as well, but I think that’s just because they haven’t heard it before, and so just go for a close name. Leo is often said, sometimes Leon.

    • Oh no. I think you’re just going to have to bite the bullet and say, errr awkward guys but it’s actually Talia. Ok, cool, moving on. I don’ envy you though, always an awkward conversation to have after a period of time has passed.

  • Alyce

    Yup. Alyce (pronounced Ah-lease) gets turned into Alice. Regularly. And as for Calvin/Kelvin?? It’s coz you East Coasters mix up your E/A sounds – on Masterchef it always sounds like “pork bally” instead of belly!

    • Haha. Bloody east coasters and our ballies. Love it!

      • nicole

        I’m a pure bred west aussie & have a nephew Calvin & cousin Kelvin. Apparently I say them both in exactly the same way…
        I’m Nicole but not only do I get incorrect spelling, I also get Natalie, Natasha, Michelle. most often I get called Nicky without people checking if its ok. My surname nearly always gets an ‘s’ added. Davey becomes Davies, Davis etc

      • I’m a pure bred west aussie & have a nephew Calvin & cousin Kelvin. Apparently I say them both in exactly the same way…
        I’m Nicole but not only do I get incorrect spelling, I also get Natalie, Natasha, Michelle. most often I get called Nicky without people checking if its ok. My surname nearly always gets an ‘s’ added. Davey becomes Davies, Davis etc

        • Haha. The poor Calvin’s. 😉

          Oh yes! I grew up with some girls who were Davies and they always got Davis. Close but no cigar people. Nicole to Michelle is a bit of a left field one. Haha.

  • Amy Wells

    It happens a lot to me over the phone….. I’ve most often been called Jamie, Emmy or Naomi. But my neighbour? She, for the 3+ years I have lived here, has always called me Kate. My name is Amy… How does she even get close to Kate? But she’s so old, and I didn’t correct her the first time, so ‘d just feel rude doing it now

    • The phone ones all make sense, but Kate… Hmmm. Maybe an old neighbour? Or you remind her of someone? Either way, I tend to agree it’s just easier to let it ride now. 😉

  • Salamander

    I wore a name badge with my name clearly printed on it, every day, for two years. And for those two years, one woman at work insisted in calling me Sarah. I tried not answering her when she called, politely correcting her, even thrusting my chest (with the badge pinned on, not just randomly!!) at her when she looked at me. Nothing doing. She even got other people to call me Sarah, even when they knew my name was Sally. On my last day of work, I said, “Actually, my name is Sally. Not Sarah. SALLY.” And she replied, “Oh yes, I know. But Sarah’s your real name.” WTF?????? Ha.

    • Oh my goodness! This is the worst. What a crazy that lady is. Chest thrusting completely understood. Haha.

  • HumbirdsSong

    Oh dude. Try being called Rhian. And having a teacher call you Ryan for 6 months. So not cool!

    • Hearing you. Though when I was a kid I want to be named something cool like Ryan and Hunter as a girl. I blame the likes of Saved by the Bell etc for that. 😉

  • LOL I get Jan, Janice, Janette …

    My sister is Anissa, she gets all the variations that you do.

    My son is Dion and you wouldn’t believe how often he gets Leon!

    • Oh yes! I grew up with an Anissa, she was a couple of years younger than I was and oh my goodness, she was forever explaining her name.

  • I use to have this girl in my group at a kids club and I could never remember her name I use to feel so bad that I couldn’t remember it and I should have as she was always playing up and being naughty.

  • Rebecca = Rachel it seems here. Have copped that one for years… School, workplace everywhere. And noone can seem to spell Rebecca either, even when they do get the name right (for the record, I’ve NEVER met a Rebecca with a double “b”, let alone a double “b” AND “c”). I’m now leaning to just introducing myself as Bec as it seems far simpler.
    *Le sigh* rant over 🙂

    • Mel Lange

      Exactly! I would have said Rebecca was the traditional/most common way of spelling it. Since when hasn’t it been? Sigh indeed 🙂

      • There are a few different (“legit”) ways… Rebekah being the traditional Jewish version. But my spelling is by far the most common of all… And yet probably the least likely to be spelt correctly 🙂

    • Sometimes it is, right? If I liked Mel more than Melissa, I would. Be I don’t, so I won’t. My cousin Rebecca’s name is spelt exactly the same. I’ve seen the use of the traditional Jewish with the K. But it’s not that common in Australia, I don’t think. Not in the circles I’ve been running anyway. Haha.

  • Not only do I get different names I also go to battle over the spelling of my name it’s Trudie with an “ie” thank you. My middle name is Melissa and than there is my surname which others stuff up as well. Apparently I can be a Trudie with various spelling, I can be Trish, Truly and oh do you know I don’t look like a Trudie apparently I look like a Michelle……come on seriously.

    • Haha. The old, that’s not how you spell it thing. Your second name is Melissa, COOL! We can be twins. We can be Michelle’s together. 😛

  • Mel Lange

    I’m a Melissa too, sigh, which means that I get the same random names. I was introduced by my now husband as ‘Michelle’ to someone else on our 4th date… geez, he’s lucky!!! I also get annoyed when people spell it “Mellisa” or “Malisa”. I’m fairly certain this is the most common spelling, isn’t it?

    • Same thing happened to me with now Hubby as well. Introduced me to his parents as Michelle, I was like, errrr, try again buddy. Talk about lucky. My aunt insisted for years spelling mine Mellissa and in school they always tried for the one s, Melisa. Wouldn’t that be ME-Lisa? Who knows. Haha.

  • Patrick weseman

    Nobody can get my last name right. It is Weseman (Weeseman, not wiseman or westerman), I always cringe when people try,

    • Ahh yes! Surnames can absolutely be worse than first. Mine {now both} are pretty stock standard, so no issues there}.

  • Patrick weseman

    Sorry, but I just thought of this. When my son was born (almost 16 years ago) I named him Geoffrey. When we got his social security card and is birth certificate they had put Gregory on everything. When I called and asked, the person at the hospital said she had never heard of the name and figured it was Gregory. UGH.

    • OMG!! Whaaaat. Imagine that poor woman now with names like Apple and Hashtag crossing her desk. I hope she’s retired. 😉

  • I am known as Kelli these days but by birth I am Kelli-le (pronounced Kelly-Lee). I have great dictation (was always praised on phone manner when working/studying and I can nail those automated phone prompts every time, haha!) but have been Kerry, Carol, Carly many times.

    In my youth I would get Kelly-Ann, Kerry-Lee, Kerri-Anne, Kristie-Lee, Mary-Ann (seriously WTH?? Did they just remember it was hyphenated and go with that??). By time I was in my late teens and teachers were still getting my name wrong, I switched to using Kelli.

    • Carol!? Caaaarol? How. Haha. I can completely understand the switch. Even my nickname {Suger} gets me all sorts of name confusion. Mostly just confused looks, but you know. I bet people stuff up Kelli sometimes too.

      • Carol is actually my Moms name so at first I thought they were referring to her but then I realised the account in question had absolutely nothing to do with her nor is she listed anywhere in my contact details. I didn’t even bother to correct that one because it was just so ridiculous.

  • Sss Is For…

    My name is Simone. My father in-law has called me Ramone for 12 1/2 years. My daughters name is Miriama and we call her Miri for short but her cousins and my sister-in-law call her Mary. It’s quite annoying.

    • As a joke, or he thought that was your name? Eeek. Ramone just makes me think of that guy in Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion. Do you know the movie? HA.

      I think Miri is gorgeous, and pretty darn easy to say. Gosh people, get with the program.

  • Michelle

    Yeah get their names right, there are already enough Michelles in the world!

  • I don’t tend to have my name mixed up often, I’ve been called Natasha once of twice, but a pet peeve of mine is when people pronounce my name Nat-lee. There is an A in there. My ex-mother-in-law would do it constantly. Oh, and people always mis-pronounce my last name.

  • Dean

    Tell me how they get Ben out of Dean….

  • Michelle

    My name is Michelle and I have the same problem! Every time I meet a person and tell them my name they ogre repeat my name as Melissa! It’s very frustrating and I correct it often. I sometimes get very frustrated with people because they don’t care enough to learn what my name really is!

    • It’s SO bad, right!? Annoying and so frustrating. I correct quickly and firmly now. Just it’s Melissa. MEL. LIS. SA. Try it, it’s fun. 😉

  • Michelle P

    Yep, I’m Michelle who has been called Melissa about 10 million times!! grrr

  • Bianca Eninede

    All the time! I’m Melissa and I get Michelle. Even in emails were my name is written down!!!?!??