I miss the sun. It hasn’t been gone for long but I miss it. I should have been at the beach today. Soaking up some rays. Living it up. Instead I was in a luke warm pool hiding under a pool cover from the driving rain. Fun, yes. But not exactly what I had in mind for today. Strange how these things happen. I hardly ever makes plans to go to the beach. Lesson learned, I guess. There’s plenty more rain to come, they say. Lots of localised flooding and washed out roads and stuff. So, about the sun.

Please sir {madame?} can I have some more?

  • I, too, miss the sun. Rain makes me depressed. Rain Rain Go Away! Plus, bad flashbacks to January last year…

  • stinkb0mb

    i was watching the news tonight and saw the amount of rain you guys are having – it’s crazy!! i hope there are no repeats of last years events. i truly believe mother nature is confused as hell!!

    wanna see our forecast for the next 7 days?

    Wednesday Min 24 Max 40
    Thursday Min 26 Max 41
    Friday Min 25 Max 39
    Saturday Min 26 Max 42
    Sunday Min 24 Max 40
    Monday Min 23 Max 40
    Tuesday Min 26 Max 40

    wanna swap?

    stay dry and i’ll try and stay cool – i have a feeling we both may fail!


    • So crazy. Luckily here we haven’t got the half of it here. Just wet and dreary. Thinking of our friend further south.

      Now you, melting over there. I’m SO jealous. I actually would swap. Stay cool lovely. 🙂

  • I was going to say that NSW finally stole it back but i woke up this morning and its bucketing down rain. Boo!

  • I LOVE swimming in the rain!
    I wouldn’t be wanting stinkbOmb’s weather though, she can keep that to herself.
    What state are you in stinkbOmb? If you’re in WA, then we’ll be getting that weather after you and i’m not one bit happy about that!

    • Me too!
      Me either!!
      And yes, she’s in WA melting her butt off.