My love for all things basic tee is only matched by my love of t-shirts with words on them. It started years ago. Reached a peak when I picked up the “Team Guy Who Hit Bella With a Car” t-shirt. I love them. They make me smile and I can’t help but wear them A LOT. And they’re fun. Did I mention that? They add this really fun element where a normal tee just wouldn’t have had the same effect.

Can you also tell that this little clutch has become a bit of an obsession too? Two outfit posts on the blog already and I’ve owned it like a week. Either it’s an indication that it is already beloved OR that I don’t have enough fun purses and bags. Actually now that I mention it it’s a little from column a and a little from column b. Remind me to hit the op-shops etc for some bags. Yes?

And this skirt. Well I wear this skirt all the time. Possibly THE BEST $10 I’ve ever spent. This is pretty much a bargain post. Skirt $10, clutch $12, t-shirt {gift from a friend, but it cost her maybe $15}, stripe flats of awesomeness $25 and no hair product was used in the making of these photos. That’s a money saver. Haha. But really sometimes when you need a little update grabbing some bargains {from stores who have a known ethical manufacturing policy such as Target and Kmart} can be the best. Don’t you think?

epic t-shirt plus size casual outfit-6 epic t-shirt plus size casual outfit-1epic t-shirt plus size casual outfit-7

My goodness how much fun are lazy days. I look at these photos, my partially damp and drying hair. My laugh and I remember how much fun we were having. An easy peasy day. A day that makes my heart smile and my relationship survive the hard days. These are the good old days my friends, as lame as that sounds. I hope you’re out there enjoying them. And maybe you’re wearing some cute flats and a silly t-shirt too.

epic t-shirt plus size casual outfit-3epic t-shirt plus size casual outfit-8 epic t-shirt plus size casual outfit-9 epic t-shirt plus size casual outfit-5

T-Shirt – New Look {sold out online}
Skirt – Target Australia {sold out online}
Shoes – Target Australia {gifted}
Bag – KMart Australia {in store now}



  • Oh you know I be loving this look. Second to my vintage and thrift stylings and a vintage maxi that blows ones mind, the next best is tees like these. Absolutely love it. I find it funny that we have a common ground in our fashion styles and it comes together in tees and a love for pop culture.

    You know what I’m thinking I’d love and I know you would too a shirt that says “I’ve got skills”…..oh how I love the Napoleon. I’m rambling and being ridiculous aren’t I? Oh well it’s been a while since my last ramble here.

    Anyway back to you and this outfit, friggin love it, love the shoes need them, want them. Just love the whole look, and your fabulousness. Big love my friend I hope you’re smiling big today. X

    • Haha. I’m glad your rambling self is back and that we share a love of all things printed t-shirts. I will be keeping my eye out {for SURE!} for that I’ve got skills shirt. If not, remind me to make us some! THAT would be awesome.

      And thank you. These shoes are the best. Super comfortable for ballet flat style shoes. They may actually have some decent sole in there somewhere. Big love to you too!

  • That “Team Guy Who Hit Bella With A Car” t-shirt is the reason I started following you. I saw your photo wearing it on Pinterest and thought “Need that t-shirt! And who´s the cool ckick wearing it?” and here we are.
    This whole look is amazing. I don´t think I´d ever put those pieces together, but they look so great I´m already thinking how I can copy your outfit with my own things (unless you´d be willing to switch wardrobes, in which case I´m already buying the plane ticket)

    • Oh well that is just THE COOLEST. I’m so glad you found me via that outfit. I LOVE that outfit! Haha. That t-shirt STILL makes me smile. I have it hanging in my wardrobe room. Like art. Funny and sort of ironic art. My brother always says ‘errr, it’s an in joke making fun of a character that you have to know to for it to be funny’. I was IT TOTALLY IS. Haha. He doesn’t get it.

      Book that flight, I’ve even got a spare bed in my wardrobe room, you can have a sleepover. 😉

  • I love the skirt, which may sound a little odd after the comment I left on your previous post…anyway, is the skirt Target or K-Mart?
    I have a question about the clutch. What does one carry in such a small thin bag? It doesn’t look like it would hold more than a couple of credit cards and a tissue.

    • Haha. SEE you DO like my skirt posts. The skirt is from Target. I picked it up at an outlet a little while ago. And the clutch fits my phone, monies {not my purse though, too fat}, lip gloss, hand bands, and tissues {such a girlie sounding bag} for lunches and dinners when I don’t need the big bag. The rest lives in my car boot. Haha.

  • P.S. my favourite T-shirt reads “you read my t-shirt that’s enough social interaction for one day.