I don’t know much, but I do know when it comes to formal attire and being bigger than a 12-14, life gets hard. I cannot imagine what it even LOOKS like for a fat woman in somewhere like Hollywood who attends numerous functions and events, all requiring something a bit glam. A bit of a nightmare, I think. That said, I have a but coming. Could you tell? A big one…


Who the heck dresses these ladies. The plus size ones. The fat ones? Is the answer nobody? And don’t even start to bring the likes of Sophia and Christina into this. They are curvy, sure, but they aren’t what I’m talking about. I’m talking the likes of Melissa McCarthy. Who I would like to think would be ok with me calling her fat in a descriptive way. I hope so, I think she’s all kinds of awesome. but lately, she’s been getting some bad clothing advice!

She wore black, lace, full sleeve in a sea of beautiful colours and shaped dresses. Her make up with excellent, as was her hair. But the dress..! Not as bad as last year {& this is a flattering pic of it}, for sure, but this was a trademark fat girl dress. Cover as much as possible, wear black because it’s slimming and even the nod to ye olden days in the shape is mainstream fat girl. And for that reason, I hate it! The very idea of it was to fit in. To flatter. To buy into some lame idea of shame.

Or I think so anyway.

For goodness sake, someone give this gorgeous lady a gorgeous dress or fifty to wear to these things. Some colour. Some style about it. She was hosting for goodness sake, the exposure was there! And yet, design houses will throw their dresses, and thus their cash, behind slimmer celebs for whatever reason. Even some that would be way down the totem pole compared to Melissa, who is a rock star in my books. So where are the people with style offering to dress her??

Heck, I’ll do it myself.

Melissa. Call me.

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