I don’t know much, but I do know when it comes to formal attire and being bigger than a 12-14, life gets hard. I cannot imagine what it even LOOKS like for a fat woman in somewhere like Hollywood who attends numerous functions and events, all requiring something a bit glam. A bit of a nightmare, I think. That said, I have a but coming. Could you tell? A big one…


Who the heck dresses these ladies. The plus size ones. The fat ones? Is the answer nobody? And don’t even start to bring the likes of Sophia and Christina into this. They are curvy, sure, but they aren’t what I’m talking about. I’m talking the likes of Melissa McCarthy. Who I would like to think would be ok with me calling her fat in a descriptive way. I hope so, I think she’s all kinds of awesome. but lately, she’s been getting some bad clothing advice!

She wore black, lace, full sleeve in a sea of beautiful colours and shaped dresses. Her make up with excellent, as was her hair. But the dress..! Not as bad as last yearΒ {& this is a flattering pic of it}, for sure, but this was a trademark fat girl dress. Cover as much as possible, wear black because it’s slimming and even the nod to ye olden days in the shape is mainstream fat girl.Β And for that reason, I hate it! The very idea of it was to fit in. To flatter. To buy into some lame idea of shame.

Or I think so anyway.

For goodness sake, someone give this gorgeous lady a gorgeous dress or fifty to wear to these things. Some colour. Some style about it. She was hosting for goodness sake, the exposure was there! And yet, design houses will throw their dresses, and thus their cash, behind slimmer celebs for whatever reason. Even some that would be way down the totem pole compared to Melissa, who is a rock star in my books. So where are the people with style offering to dress her??

Heck, I’ll do it myself.

Melissa. Call me.

  • mumabulous

    I think this dress is aging on Ms McCarthy. There’s no reason why she cant rock some color and sparkle.
    Love Mumabulous

    • Agreed. I say work it, no hide it. She’s young and cool, let her be that. I saw her on Ellen wearing a pencil skirt type dress so she’s not afraid to work the fitted look.

  • I was thinking the same thing last night, someone needs to step up in hollywood and help some of the larger actresses look amazing, colourful & sparkly. So much so that they wow everyone!

    • That is exactly the thoughts I was having. Like what the heck is going ON! Crazy.

  • Rach aka Stinkb0mb

    Do you know what I found most disheartening about Melissa McCarthy’s dress? In all the galleries I saw yesterday in which she was featured, not one bothered to name the designer/s of her dress – it was as if, “oh well, she’s just a fat girl, no one will care who designed her dress anyway”. I found it inextricably rude.

    As for the dress. I’m glad that it at least defined her waist and wasn’t just this big billowing tent that hid her shape because while yes she’s big, she STILL has a shape and she should be dressed to show off that figure. It doesn’t have to be tight, it doesn’t have to bare skin but she could definitely wear something that is more flattering. Colour! Shorter sleeves! Bit more fitted! She would easily rock it!

    Great post,

    • I missed most the red carpet part Rach but THAT is it. Such a great opportunity gone begging. For Melissa and for new designers or plus designers.

      The waist definition just proves she has one and should be showing it off, for sure! I was saying below on another comment, I say her on Ellen rocking a pencil skirt dress looking thing that was fitted and modern and colourful. It disappoints me that this is the best on offer for such a big event. All assumptions of course. I don’t have a person line to her PR people or anything. πŸ˜‰

  • Mel

    She said on the red carpet that she helped design the dress…I think the designer must’ve been asleep during the process as it’s not very glam is it?

    • Oh god, that’s WORSE. I missed most the red carpet section. I have no idea why a designer would allow that. Madness.

      And you know what, it wasn’t even necessarily the dress. It’s fine. It is what it is. But more what the dress represents. Gah.

  • sheribombblog

    I’d love to see an Aussie Curves week dedicated to Emmy’s/evening wear and then send the blog hop to Melissa! Show Hollywood how it’s done you stylish Aussie girls!

  • Cherie

    Oooooo I can see such a generation gap here Suger. Melissa McCarthy and her team are obviously part of the old school where she only knows to look stylish, dignified and glamorous by never drawing attention to her size … hence wearing black. With the exception of the younger girls of today us fat girls have been severley educated to cover up. The old when you’re fat in black you’re fat in everything reigned … they’re not brave enough to adopt the who cares attitude of the gorgeous big girls of today!!!
    Large waists have never been defined until recently. Us fat girls wore a uniform of flowing tops, like smocks, or elasticised waisted pants, a tee shirt under a colourful, patterned, button through shirt from Millers were the only wardrobes choices us fatties had! I only found my first pair of larger size jeans about 8 years ago. The large size choices were out there but highly expensive from stores like David Jones & Myers.
    Trust me fat fashion is alive & well in the US. Last year I was floored at the availability, the choices and how cheap fat fashion is in the US of A. Fat fashion is everywhere there. In every retailer there were mega choices. My number one example is the aubergine Calvin Klein size 22 Cashmere coat for $40 in Century 21 in NYC … I died shopping in NYC πŸ˜‰
    Please don’t knock Melissa and other big girls in the public eye. All their life they’ve dealt with the stigma of being fat plus years of being told to wear no colour, no sparkle, no stripes, nothing fitted and all flesh should be covered with shapeless fabric, preferably black!!! Please keep doing what you’re doing in educating us fat girls that’s it’s OK to be like everyone else πŸ˜‰ xo

    • I absolutely get your point of view on this Cherie. It is a huge difference, for me, I’ve even noticed it in what’s available to me in the last 5 years. I don’t mean to knock anyone for that. Especially not Melissa who has faced a number of knockers. I just Googled it and Melissa is 42 so she splits our generations nicely. I’m sure she got the same messages that we all did. It concerns me that she continues to live by them when there’s a whole world of fabulous out there… Or potential for fabulous.

      But this dress reinforces those old rules. It says that you should cover up. You should hide away. That you should blend in. And I will always strongly and fully stand up against that. That is my point. If someone in the public eye isn’t offered gorgeous, glamorous evening wear then what chance does the fat lady on the street stand? None, I would say. Or slim to none anyway.

      Thanks you Cherie. A valuable contribution to the conversation. One that meant I got to clarify that it was the message the dress sends, not the choice of the dress that annoyed me. Also that what I stand for is breaking the old rules, not breaking other women down. I appreciate the chance.

      • Cherie

        … We’re on the same mission Suger. I totally agree with everything you say. I’m grateful to have found got the opportunity & backing to discard the fat fashion stigma that’s dictated my style for 68 years. I’m eternally grateful to you for the lessons, conversations and encouragement you bestow. Keep on breaking those old rules Suger, I’m cheering you on with all my might ;~)

  • Look at that face, stunning. She’s a beautiful woman. The dress and colour let her down. I’d love to see her styled in a more fabulous & colourful way. Potential and missed opportunity. Sad.

    • Yes, that. She is such a gorgeous woman. And would be a moderate apple shape in what, a 20-22? If that.

  • I could not agree more. Cover it up, smooth it out, create a silhouette, blah blah we have all been there! It is an old, out dated and unrealistic argument. Put her in something that shows off her FAB curves, She doesn’t even look that happy with her self does she? Put her in something she can’t stop smiling in.

    • She was probably understandably nervous about her choice, she did cop quiet a bit of flack last year. Maybe she went the safe option? But yes, yes, yes! I want that for her too. LOTS.

  • Michelle

    But perhaps she was comfortable in that dress. Maybe she doesn’t really care about fashion so much? I know what you’re saying but maybe it isn’t really important to her. Queen Latifah’s stylist needs to call her!

    • You may be absolutely correct, of course, I built this entire post about me and what I want making assumptions that Melissa would want the same thing.

      And now you mention it, I wish Queen Latifah’s stylist would call ME! Haha.

  • Speaking of lady formal dresses of the curvy type, could you please maybe think about a post of what YOU would wear to a formal Christmas Party? Our’s is, ‘a touch of elegance’ and I have NO idea or inspiration! And being a beautifully dressed girl, I thought you might have a few ideas?
    x Tash

    • Hi Tash, I’m so sorry I missed this comment! I hope your party went well {all 10 months ago that it was!} and let me know if you still wanted this question answered, I’m happy to help. πŸ™‚

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