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When the blog mojo fails, and you’ve been posting nothing (well, not nothing, but nothing on the blog), then it’s time to take it back to basics. And basics for me is my good old ankle boots, chambray, and a throw over jacket combination. Luckily for me the Team at 17 Sundays have me well stocked in denim/chambray pieces (as per) and I’ve got my winter look all wrapped up.

I know, some of you are like WINTER!? Winter, seriously Suger your leg are still bare. But well, such is life around here. Sure nights get cold, where I live can just edge over into the minuses temperature wise. But the days are perfection full of sunshine and skipping along in grassy meadows.

Ok. Maybe not the meadow bit.

Lucky me. I do envy those of you in jumpers, knits and boots, though. Legit winter type weather but let’s face it; I probably wouldn’t survive. I’m lucky enough to have warm weather follow me wherever I go; New Zealand, Melbourne nearly every time I’m there. I’m the summer whisperer. Go me.

But wait, what was I talking about? Man, that was a diversion. Anyway. When my mojo is gone, there’s nothing else for it but to pull out the classics, the clothes I know work for me and on me, and get back on the horse. Which I did if this week is anything to go by. Plus I have some cool stuff in the wings that, yup you guessed it, it’s too soon to talk about. LOL.

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Sleeveless Trench Jacket from Target Australia (similar’ish), Boots from Bare Foot Tess (old, sorry babes) and Weekend Denim Dress from 17 Sundays. Regrowth by me. 

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So tell me, what’s your go-to style to get your mojo back? Got a link or photo you want to share? Hit me with them. Until then, I’ll be prancing about in meadows laughing at how ridiculous this post ended up being. Gosh.

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  • Tracey B

    My favourite, comfy, winter go to style that I feel sort of confident in (my body issues still to be dealt with) is jeans, plain long sleeve tee with print or detail short sleeve tee over the top with ankle boots and a semi tailored jacket if needed. It’s an outfit I can dress up or down .

    • Oooo, I love this! It’s a great combination and will serve you well. And as far as body confidence, you’ve come to the right place. Stick around lady, I tend to rub off on people sooner or later. 😉

  • Amelie In Oz

    Hey there, Nice Legs 🙂

    My go-to-style? Jeans, long sleeved shirt, hoodie, and ultra light down coat from Uniqlo. And either sneakers of DMs. Oh and a big ass backpack. Back to uni!

    • Haha. Hey there, thanks!

      Yeeeees, this is COOL. Love this go-to-style! Oh I remember owning sooooo many pairs of DMs. Loooooove.