So that was Easter. It was all kinds of awesome squeezed within lots of sleeping and attempting to get over this cold I’ve been fighting off. No luck by the way. I still came home today feeling like hell. What IS that about anyway? Sigh. I hate being sick. All and all I am glad it came, and now I’m glad it’s over. Back to reality. Right?

  • stinkb0mb

    i hope your cold doesn’t turn into manflu – otherwise we will have to send the waaaaahmbulance!

    no in all seriousness, i hope you’re feeling better soon honey.


    p.s. don’t breath on K otherwise HE may come down with manflu!!

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Haha. Funny you mention it. I said last week I must have man flu and that all I wanted to do was lay around, eat and complain. 😉

      Feeling better today. Dosed up on garlic and zinc tablets, Barocca and living greens powder. Tasted horrible but I’m better for it.

  • Sucks you’re not feeling better. I had a huge Easter, probably to big and busy. Next year we’re aiming for much quieter!

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      I know, right!? I should feel better by now. Oh well. Today is looking up, so fingers crossed.

      Oh yes, every few years we do that, run ourselves ragged and we get to Tuesday and plan our next 5 years at home. Haha.

  • Nice Easter, and cute Easter Bunny!
    Hope you’re feeling better soon, keep your fluids up, take extra vitamin C.

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Isn’t he! Such a ham for the camera too. He really needs to be the son of a blogger, I might have to adopt him.

      I am already, thank you. Vitamin C being heavily administered.

  • Is this the same cold you bought home from Melbourne? Gosh, hope you feel better soon. Is this piano in your house? Can you play it? Very impressive. How did you go with that square cup? I ask because we had some square glasses that where almost impossible to drink out of..
    Feel better soon.

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Yes! The same one I missed the Marie Claire event with. Just can not shake it! Things are looking up today though. thank goodness.

      Not my piano, a friends. And I can’t play. I always wished I had learnt though.

      Square cup was tricky. I drank from the corner, it seemed to work the best in my hung over state. 😉

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