I’m a sucker for winter. I’m also a sucker for believing it’s colder than it is and then being over layered up. Hence this outfit that I ended up scaling back before the end of our outing. Phew. Hot. This outfit though pretty much represents ALL my favourite things. Blue, jeans, button up, woolen jumpers, big hair and kitten heels.

It’s my favourite dressed up, dressed down outfit.

Go anywhere, do pretty much anything.

It also works with sneakers and bigger heels.

It’s one of thoooose outfits. One I had to share.

And I have a secret tip. Probably one of those ones that you all know but I feel like the smartest person ever for knowing it. There’s a bit of a secret maneuver that I picked up for wearing button ups under jumpers. It’s simple really. The secret is to wear a singlet {or tank top} under the jumper, over the shirt. Hey presto smooth lines. AND it helps keep the shirt in place for those who struggle with such things. Life changer, right?

Necklace OVER shirt, that’s new for me though.

plus size jeans chambray layers outfit-3

plus size jeans chambray layers outfit-4

plus size jeans chambray layers outfit-6

plus size jeans chambray layers outfit-2

plus size jeans chambray layers outfit-5

Shirt – New Look
Jumper – Target {gifted}
Jeans – ASOS Curve
Necklace – Lovisa
Shoes – Target {gifted} 


plus size jeans chambray layers outfit

 Do you do the shirt under a jumper thing? Did you know the singlet trick? 

  • The singlet thing? Brilliant!

    • Melissa {Suger}

      Uh huh. Riiight!!?

  • Cutie. I had to laugh I’m so like you. As soon as the temps drop I get a little too excited about what I can start layering on.

    • Melissa {Suger}

      Thank you. Yep, kindred spirits you and I. xo

  • sandra

    Never heard of the singlet thing but I can see it would work. Will remember. Love the blue too. Never heard a sweater called a jumper before…Isn’t that a funny thing.

    • Melissa {Suger}

      Thank you. Yes, try it, it’s amazing.
      And yes! Jumper is an Aussie thing I think. 😉

  • cilosophy.blogspot.com

    Cute as a button. Re the shirt and jumper thing I am a longtime fan. Might have to do the necklace over shirt – this would be a new and innovative thing for me.

    Thankyou sooo much for linking to my blog for the running tips. I hope that they help. Any questions from anyone – please ask, I would be glad to help.
    cilla xx

    • Melissa {Suger}

      Well thank you muchly. I knew someone had to know about it. Haha. Do try the necklace thing, it’s the whole adorned collar look. Apparently.

      I will! Thank you. Almost finished week two now and powering on. Looking forward to longer stints of running to come.

  • I didn’t know the singlet trick! My problem with winter dressing is that I don’t really feel the cold, so if I wore that many laters I’d be sweltering fast.

    • Melissa {Suger}

      Yes! Got another one. Yay.

      I can be the same, I just buy and wear lighter weight layers. It gives me longer every year that I can wear them and cuts down the sweltering.

  • Owwwwhhh on the singlet trick. Will be trying that one out. 🙂