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I took a bit of a holiday from my blog designer a little while ago. Virtually full time work and my new commitment to two posts a day used up just about all the spare time I had. But now, it’s time to get back on the horse. I’m throwing the doors open and accepting new clients again.

Yay! Right?

What’s new is that I have joined forces with the ridiculously talented Gillian of Tessie Design Company. Gill does custom graphics and draws very cool things like my social media buttons and sidebar labels. What she does is bring the something completely different to your design. She makes the blog look good which makes me look good. Full stop. If you choose to use Gillian when I do your blog, the possibilities are endless. And we’re going to prove it!

We are offering a full Blogger blog make-over including header, social media buttons and custom sidebar labels and more. Everything you could want made over can and will be. Full consult with you to customise it and you’ll be in charge every step of the way. Then it will be delivered to you all installed and squeaky clean, bright shining and new. Sound like something you’d be interested in? Well read on my friend, read on.

Given that this is worth upwards of $150 we’re going to make you work for it a little. We want a post, a video or an impassioned plea of your liking. Tell us in the most creative way possible why you NEED this make-over. I’ll rally a panel of judges and we will select a winner from all the entries. Please leave a link in the comments below or email me your entry by the 10th August at 7pm {my time}. We will judge them over the weekend and announce the winner on Monday 13th August. 

If you would like us to redesign your blog, please email me at melissa@sugercoatit.com and we’ll talk. Or start by checking out the blog design gallery over at my Facebook page. While you’re there you might want to visit Gillian at the Tessie Design Company page and check out some of her cool work to get you inspired! I’m particularly loving her header image and think it would be a great starter point for a blog header… Hmmm.

  • Jen

    Hmmm, maybe I can film something at Blogher. I am in need of a blog makeover.

    • Oooo, well that WOULD be super impressive. I do have a soft spot for NY. Find me Nat of Nat the Fat Rat and get her on a video for me and I’ll do your makeover for free anyway. 😉 LOVE HER. Haha.

  • Wow now I wish I had a Blogger blog… x

  • I need a makeover, but am too lazy to work for it! I shall enjoy seeing the winner though.

  • Oh so tempting

  • Cherie

    Oh Mel Suger, You’re a triple sweet, triple decker Suger giving me the answer to the quandry I’ve been living with for ages and ages. I’ve so been going to talk to you about designing a button … after reading your post let’s forget the button Suger … let’s talk about a blog makeover please.

    • Well thank you very much. I’ll have my people call your people. HAHA. Talk soon. 🙂

  • Pick me!! I am desperate for a blog makeover. With a name like ‘Redcliffe Style’ I need the blog to look stylish. At the moment i feel it is so messy and disjoined. I want it to look clean and stylish. I think this is want I need to take my blog to the next level and it’s not something I can do myself.

  • Pick meeeeeeeee! It’s been that long since I’ve changed anything on my blog that the photo of me has long hair and the header is missing two kittehs!

  • Katy

    Okay I have lost all my mojo and desperately need to get back to blogging instead of just instagram so my entry is on my blog inspiredkate.blogspot.com.au ……… HELP!!!!

    • Oh yes, Instagram does get awfully addictive! Off to read your entry. Good luck!