For a while now I’ve been looking for a denim jacket I can wear all around. And around here that means it needs to be fairly light weight and not necessarily long sleeve. Though long sleeve is possible if wide enough to be rolled up.  Are you picking up what I’m putting down on this one? Well the short version is that my search came to an end with the purchase of this little baby from Autograph. I’m already dreaming of the day when the already soft denim gives properly and the jacket snuggles me like good, worn in denim does. Sigh. Perfect.

I love nothing more than the look of a denim jacket over a maxi dress. It’s casual, it’s fun and it can add interest to an otherwise boring outfit. Duuuull. When it comes to maxi’s I have a few favourites. My stripe Benita Maxi from Virtu last year, my Crossroads stripe maxi I wear to bed all the time and this one from ASOS Curve. The others have narrow cuts, this one has a full skirt that just makes me want to twirl the skirt out. The drape of the material gives it that extra something that makes it unique. Love it.

Hubby and I have found a new favourite spot to grab photos, did you notice? It’s a small nature reserve not far from our house. We can pull in on our way to and from almost anywhere we would be going. It makes grabbing photos of outfits SO much easier to not have to plan when and where the light will be. With this place, we know, there’s always somewhere that the light will be right. And we can sit in the grass, or on a rock and have a chat if we want. Or laze about in the car feeling like the only people in the world. Who would’ve thought outfit photos, when the complaining is done {by me and by him} would bring us closer together. Go us.

These are the shoes ECCO Australia gave me when I participated in their World’s Longest Catwalk event. People were asking {at work, hi Gerry!} whatever happened to them. Given they are half a size too small for me I don’t wear them that often, but I did a little leather stretching and I’m the happiest kid in the world to welcome them back to the roster. Especially since the colour is so perfect as a not black or tan neutral for spring and summer. You can probably tell I get my favourites and I stick to them. This necklace has been in three photos in two weeks. I love new stuff, what can I say.

Denim Jacket – Autograph Fashion

Necklace – Sports Girl

Sunglasses – Big W

Dress – ASOS Curve

Kelly Shoe – ECCO {gifted}

{some brand associations apply, please see my disclosure policy}

  • Kat – the organised housewife

    I brought the same jacket last week, but I think it maybe too big on me, I love mine too. You look gorgeous in blue 🙂

    • It may be Kat, I’m wearing an 18 because denim has that stretch sort of quality and I plan to wear it open mostly. I did that with the blazers too. I like a more fitted look across my rather large shoulders so I often go down a size or two and hope like hell I don’t have to put too many layers under. Haha.

      Thank you. xox

  • I’m in love with the jacket it need it, I want it. You always look so lovely in blue. Once again my friend I’m loving everything about this outfit. You really have total come into your own with your style haven’t you. I just love watching it develop further. Go you. X

    • Haha. It’s a bit great, isn’t it. Thank you. Blue is a bit of a signature colour in my wardrobe. And I have. I feel more free to wear what I want to and I’m looking in all sorts of stores to find what I like, not just what’s available to piece them together. So thanks for noticing my friend. xo

  • Cherie

    … Oh Suger you’re so gorgeous blue is stunning on you. I totally adore the jacket and dress combo so much so that I just might have to … no, no, NOooooo ….. ;~)
    How about catching a quick glimpse of an iconic Great GrandMaMa when you’re in Sydney? I know plenty of secret, quirky spots, tell me what you’d love to see. I’ve everything crossed you might have time for a quick glimpse … no being tortured!!! ;~)

    • Thank you Cherie. Haha. The shopping thing is pretty bad between us Aussie Curves girls. Lots of new purchases and all that. Whoops.

      Sounds good. I’m in the city on Friday the 9th before heading back out of town for a week of sightseeing with Hubby and visits with some friends, then back in the city for an event the weekend after before heading home. Email me details of where you are and all that. xo

  • Anne Downing

    I love that jacket, I have a denim jacket that I never wear but I am going to start wearing it with dresses as it looks great!

    • I was so glad to find it! And yes, do! There’s nothing better than being able to shop your wardrobe to make new looks. THE BEST.