Hubby and I have been living pretty exciting times in the quiet of our house. And by exciting I mean increasingly dull times. It happened a while ago, we settled in, got lazy and got comfortable. Not a bad thing most of the time. Most of the time just hanging around being with each other in our house is right up our ally. And then we remember that we’re not eighty and that we should get out more.

Even if just to stop myself writing blog posts like this one. About random stuff I thought today.

Hubby likes to mow the lawn at night. It’s sort of something that I can’t help but laugh at. I imagine it drives the neighbours batty. But he installed a headlight, so heck, let the boy mow. It does make for a neat and tidy lawn some days and a kind of haphazard one the next. Who knew I paid that much attention to my lawn anyway?

I can put up with a whole range of household chore deficiencies but an untidy kitchen pushes me over the edge. I can ignore piles, literally, of folding, walk past mountains of kicked off shoes. I can deal with a gritty floor and lawn cuttings and mud. Apparently I can also deal with Hubby’s mountain of crap loaded in the garage. But after a day, at most, dishes in the sink push me over the edge! On that note the money we pay to have our house cleaned weekly is actually money well spent on keeping our marriage afloat.

Do you think much about popcorn and who the heck came up with that? I do sometimes. I resist the urge to Google it because it’s more fun to wonder, I think. I bet they loved butter and salt. That person. Popcorn is the perfect vehicle for butter and salt. And caramel. But that’s another story. Like infomercials. Who came up with those! Not the advertising concept. The products they feature. Wow. Wooooooow. I often watch on from the couch thinking, who the heck comes up with this stuff? Who? And do they make a decent amount of money?

Maybe I should invent stuff…

  • Cat Beloverly

    Yep, I DO wonder who “invented” popcorn & who invented caramel too. Imagine the first time they tried it? How proud would they have been of themselves? Oh & the kitchen thing, am totally with you! Cannot stand a messy kitchen at all & I spend a great desk of my life attending to that chore. Love the totally random nature of this post & it’s insight into your brain! X

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      They would have been SO proud. I would have been anyway. 

      Ha. thanks Cat. It is absolutely an insight into my brain. It’s a bit all over the shop. Haha. 

  • I’m pretty sure the Aztecs invented popcorn, and I’m not sure if they had butter…I often wonder how hungry the first person to eat an oyster must have been, because man those things look like snot. But I’m glad he did because now we know how delicious they are and don’t have to freak out about the look of them.

    Also, you mean actually mowing the lawn don’t you? Not “Mowing. The. Lawn”?
    None of my business anyway. As you where.

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Yes! Oyster man {let’s face it, a boy would’ve totally eaten a snot ball} was a brave, very smart dude. You’ve just reminded me how much I love fresh oysters… Mmmm. 

      OMG! Lisa!! Yes, mowing the lawn. Sheesh. 😉

  • Suger, when I start pondering the big issues I tend to wonder about telephone lines and cables. I swear someone once told me that (before satellites) we made international phone calls via cables. So then I’d wonder how the cables went from country to country. My brother told me the cables were laid on the bottom of sea beds etc. He could have been full of shit… but then I’d wonder what would happen if one broke or got nibbled on by a shark. How would it be fixed and how would they know where it was broken?

    Hmmmm… Don’t even get me started on how computers work (ie. how one can type something into Google and lots of little tentacles spiral through the web finding references etc. How does that work?) Imagine how much information there is to sift through?!?

    Oh shit… now you’ve got me started….

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Haha. Sorry about that. Yes! Phone cables and Internet. What the heck! HOW?