There was this one night that something shifted for me. I had shoulder length orange/blonde hair, badly fitting jeans and an old cardigan on. I’d had a few drinks with my sister, her partner and my husband and we were heading OUT. I added some heels to my outfit and felt okay. Good enough, I thought.

On the way there my sister handed me a red lipstick and demanded I put it on. I screwed up my nose a little and told her it really wasn’t my thing. It used to be, she said. Put it on. I gave in as I so often do to her and put it on. Something happened when I put that lipstick on, like a reminder of the good old days or something.

I felt GOOD, great even! The whole night spun on that moment. I felt more me, more confident, more happy than I had in a long time. That was the beginning of the end as far as my disposable income goes. My love of all things hair, makeup and clothes returned with a vengeance. I was going to take care of me. I was going to show the world that I had remembered who I am.

And it was a lipstick people.

A cheap red lippie {maybe not cheap, but it was free for me}.

It just takes something to give you that shove.

Today is the day for you. You’re going to have your red lippie moment. Maybe not literally, but you are. Today you are going to take a long hard look in the mirror. You’re going to wear clothes you love {and that FIT!}, you’re going to do your hair and make-up {guys, the make-up part is optional} and you’re going to walk out that door knowing in your guts that you’re looking goooooood. Great even!

No exceptions.

Do not leave until it happens.

If you’ve already left, go back and start again.

Jokes. But do it tomorrow for sure.

There is confidence in looking your best. Absolutely.

I can hear you all now saying, but Sugeeeeeer! I don’t have anything to wear. I never feel good. I hate my clothes/hair/shoes/face! So I can’t! Is there any of that happening over there with you? If there is, it’s time to stop. Like, now please. I want you to stop for a minute and ask yourself why that is. Why do you have nothing you like to wear, that looks good on you? Why is your hair a mess? Why does the idea of walking outside and feeling good about yourself freak you out so much?

Any idea?

It might be money, maybe you don’t have the time, the inclination, the whatever it is but in all seriousness these are excuses for not looking your best, not taking after yourself, not making yourself a priority. I have to be a little bit straight with you and just say it. It’s time to change that today. Get digging in that wardrobe or your make-up stash. There will be something there. Maybe for you it’s just going to mean washing and styling your hair. Do that!

Do whatever you want to do. Just make it fabulous because today you are priority number one and you’re going to look like it.

Daily Challenge: Leave the house looking and feeling fab! I expect proof too by the way.

  • catherine.king

    Ok – I’m going to go and change. And then I’ll come back

    • catherine.king

      Thank you! I’ve changed my outfit, straightened my hair and put a little makeup on. Would you believe I don’t own a lipstick. I might have a balm somewhere, but I’ll keep looking.

      This series is great – so glad I found your blog.

      • Haha. I LOVE this. So glad you got changed and fancied up a bit. I’m sure you’ll have a fab day.
        Thank you. Me too. 😀

  • Ok – i have work so i have to wear uniform, but the makeup and hair is getting done today!!! 🙂 xx

  • Yes…yes….yes!! Do not forget a stylish (sexy even) bra and knickers set to compliment your outfit. No saggy, baggy, stretched, faded or ill-fitting numbers allowed. Nice smooth legs and inexpensive home mani’s /pedi’s will also complete your look and make you feel a million bucks.

    • Ooooo, I absolutely agree! Smooth legs and fancy knicker sets are the best. Great add Kim.

  • I’ve long said never underestimate the power of a lippy. Our Nans were right xx

    • Absolutely. My mum just reminded me how long and hard I fought to not wear make-up, she would buy it and I would get cranky at her. Oh what I wouldn’t give for her to buy me make-up now!! Damn my teenage self, she was such a pain in the freebies butt. 😉

  • Amy

    Sometimes it’s totally about that small ‘feature’ thing that you can smile about. Even when everything else sucks. I once lived in a rental with a hideous bathroom I hated. I bought a crazily expensive, gorgeous shower curtain, and all of a sudden, whenever I went in there I’d gaze at the shower curtain I loved and would glaze over everything else I hated. It’s the same with my body- on days I wear a gorgeous lip colour or a shiny necklace, I’m too busy loving myself sick over that to pay attention to my muffin or post-Friday pizza pimple.

  • hahaa, I was about to type “NEVER underestimate the power of a good red lipstick” but Nikki totally beat me to it – she’s a smart lady that one 🙂

  • Totally agree and have definately taken your advice Mel! Off to Melbourne today and have worn a frock with heaps of colour loving it! Thanks xx

    • Gorgeous picture K. That outfit will knock their socks off. Have a great trip. 😀

  • My sheep and chooks are going to just love seeing me today. No really, it’s a great concept to be your best.

    • I’m sure they will! it really is, it doesn’t have to be flashy {or it totally could be} just something a little extra that makes you feel good.

  • lisa | renovating italy

    okay I’ll play!! x

  • Rhonda Hartman

    This is a good one! I’ve been working on this for awhile and this challenge is a great way to keep me on track!

    • Thank you. It is, sometimes when you’re not making an effort on yourself you have to take a look at why. I think.

  • I don’t do lippy but I have to agree strongly in the power of dressing up for yourself. If you feel like you’ve made that little bit of extra effort to do your hair, or makeup or put on those nice clothes that lets face it, you’re lucky to wear once a year, then you’re going to feel that little bit more special.
    I used to have a daggy drawer and a nice drawer for clothes. Now I have 6 nice drawers and the daggiest clothes I have are my jammies or gym clothes which really aren’t that daggy. Makes it easier to put on something nice, even if it’s casual, when all you have is nice.

    • Agree! You have to get brutal with your wardrobe sometimes and just get rid of the crap stuff that makes you feel bad about yourself. I had these jeans for AGES, they were always a little bit too tight on the waist band, it was the cut of them, no matter how baggy the butt was, they were tight and I ALWAYS felt crap wearing them. One day I’d had enough and just threw them out {not wanting to inflict them on anyone else either} and I felt great. Every day I went to my wardrobe and they weren’t there I felt great. Life’s too short for bad clothes. 😉

  • I am slowly learning the value of this. I buy clothes that look more like the way I really want to look, and not just whatever fits. And I take care to put on at least lipgloss, and powder my face too. hehe. Outfit posts are not my thing, but why can’t it be my thing? 🙂

    • Great news. it makes such a difference. I started to make an effort for my outfit posts, then it filtered down and all my outfit, hair and make up considerations are about making me look and feel good. Try it, start with instagram. Find me at @sugercoatit, I’d love to see your pics. 😉