Today is a bit like when you buy shoes, you’ve tried them on in store, everything seems lovely but you never really, REALLY, know how they are going to go until you wear them out. Is the fit comfortable, do they stay on your feet, is the sole well balanced. You know all that stuff. Taking your confidence to the next level is a bit like that. Until you take it out you’ll never know whether it was a good purchase or not. Or if your toe is going to rub at just the wrong spot and the whole thing was a dud.

Oh gosh, I hope it’s not a dud.

*insert nervous laugh here*

It’s time to show off what you’ve learnt by wearing something you’d never have had the confidence to wear, by doing something you would never have done and doing it all with a smile on your face. Today is the day ladies and gents. Time to stand up and say THIS is the more confident me.

Review the older challenges if you need a little something to keep you moving along. Remember to be kind to yourself. Dress to impress and don’t leave the door until you feel awesome. Call on your cheer squad. Tick something off you plan for yourself. Do SOMETHING. Before it’s over and you missed the chance.

Tomorrow is the end of the series, can you believe that?

See you here, let’s finish this thing the way we started.


Daily Challenge: Get your cheer squad together and show off your progress. Take your level of confidence out and about and show it off.

  • Was Going so well!, I think I just had my new shoes stolen….

    • Maybe they’re not stolen, just temporarily misplaced… Retrace your steps. You’ll get there. xo

  • Ninette

    At the moment my more confident me is sitting at the university library, getting over the writer’s block and finish the assignment i should have handed in month ago. (don’t worry, the prof is taking it even though I am late – really really late) I try to be kind to myself and not to judge me for beeing so late and I have chosen comfy clothes over looking good. But the good thing is, I have part of my cheer squat with me. My fellow student and good friend who is really good in keeping it positive in rough times and never lose hope.

    • Go get that assignment! And well done on having your support crew strong, being kind to yourself and cleaning up those things that are outstanding {as in overdue, not wonderful} in your life! Kicking the Confident You’s BUTT lady. 🙂