I flew into Melbourne for the first time with no plan on what the heck I was doing. I had the name of my accommodation tucked somewhere in my handbag and a vague idea that there was a shuttle or something. I was under-prepared, freaking out and fussing about in the airport I ran into Sheri and her man friend. They rescued me from my flap. It took me ages to settle into a conversation, ages to feel comfortable and even longer to be confident in a situation where I was basically tagging along with no idea of what was going on.

And then there was a tram.

I tell you this because sometimes all it takes to make you feel more confident in any given situation is to be prepared. Know where you’re going, who else will be there and what you’ve got to do when you get there. Those scouts’s really were on to something with their ‘Be Prepared’ motto. Sometimes it just takes a little behind the scenes leg work to give you a confidence boost.

Think about it for a moment. The last time you attended an event or party where you didn’t know what the deal was? How did you feel? I’m going to guess it was a little nerve wracking, right? Freak out a little did you? For me, there’s nothing that makes me feel as uncomfortable as not knowing how something is going to go. Sure, I really have no control anyway, but I like a general idea. It calms my nerves and let me get straight on with the task at hand. You know, being awesome.

Today’s challenge is to prepare for something that coming up; a party, an event, or a moment. Take a look in the coming weeks for anything that will have you feeling nervous about how it’s going to go. Work out what you can about it. Start putting your mind at ease. A clear head helps you feel confident, and you just can’t have a clear head if you’re running late, have no idea where the venue is and what the dress code might be… Just saying.

Do you prepare like a scout or just wing it?

Daily Challenge: Do your homework and be prepared for that upcoming event or situation that is worrying you and stealing your confidence.


  • sheribombblog

    Ooh I’m a star in one of the #ConfidentYou posts!! haha Dude seriously, if it wasn’t for The Man we would probably STILL be at that airport! I honestly had no idea and it all seemed a bit overwhelming and confusing. It was great to be able to rely on him to get us where we needed to go. In saying that, it’s not a good habit to get into (and I sometimes do) so I think this exercise is a great little one for me. Figure it all out myself, don’t rely on someone else to just ‘know’.

    • You absolutely ARE a star. Haha. Enjoy the daily challenge. I took it on today myself with some stuff at work. Feeling good, feeling on top of it. LOVE.

  • I am probably what you would call an over-preparer. I’m moving next year with some travel before hand and I have spreadsheets, notebooks, and plastic sleeves for different things. I have tried to think of ‘worst case scenarios’ and how I’d like to handle them. I think maybe I’d like to try winging it one day, but it would probably make me anxious. haha. Loving the Confident You posts btw!

    • Thank you, I’m glad.

      I’m not sure that you could EVER be over-prepared? Haha. Or that could just me be too. Winging it makes me nervous.

  • I usually like to be prepared but not always. I travelled around Japan with an open train ticket and was totally prepared for the first few nights – I’d left Tokyo after the earthquake thinking I had a few days off work then kept getting msgs from my boss saying it’d be longer so kept travelling. I found after the first couple of days, I was spending too much time on the internet trying to research and book accommodation so ended up just winging it. Getting off the train when I felt like it and wandering around until I found somewhere to sleep. I think it can be a confidence boost too to trust in your own resourcefulness.

    I was laughing at your post, thinking is Melbourne that complicated? But then I remember landing here as a young girl on hols from Tassie and thinking yeah it can be.

    • Yes! Melbourne can absolutely be that complicated. Haha.

      It’s true, trusting your resourcefulness can be a wonderful gift too. Your holiday sounds wonderful. I’d love to do something like that. Japan is so beautiful. Love.

  • I absolutely agree!
    The first blogging thing I attended I showed up to alone. I was ignored for a large part of it because I was freaking the fuck out and I struggled majorly to join in the fun. I also drank large amounts of alcohol and likely made a fool of myself.
    The Digital Parents Conference earlier this year was another thing I showed up to solo and it was such a dumb mistake to not go in with a plan. There were tears at several points, and I missed a fair bit because I kept freaking out and having to leave the room. It was also there that I aligned with my sidekick Lori and I realised it’s not just me.
    My advice is always to turn up to new things with a mate, and if you can’t go in having a plan. And a backup plan! I know for me just having someone there that you know you’re arriving with, leaving with, and can give them that look from across the room that tells them you need them and a quite corner for five minutes helps.
    Nothing like freaking out in a toilet cubicle alone to break your confidence. A good mate who can talk to you and tell you it’s not as bad as in your head is a huge blessing.

    • I find that for me, because I’m prone to anxiety and freak outs myself, that this is exactly what works for me. I have a plan to go with someone, meet someone there or failing all that I do the whole fake it ’til I make it tips until I get through the worst of it.

      Thanks for sharing. xo