This is the first of the challenges that will be scattered through the posts. This IS the You Are Here Quiz. In more boring language you could consider this to be a self audit. A reflection on everything you are, that you aren’t and that you hope to be. It’s time to set some goals for this challenge and work out where you are now. You know the whole you are here map thing? Like that.

For me, it’s about knowing where you are right now. When I first decided that I was going to run 5km I had to work out where the heck I was. It turns out, I was pretty close to zero. On a scale of one to ten for my running {jogging, let’s face it} ability, I was a one, if I was generous. But then I knew. I was a one. Anything better than a one was a win. Anything better than a one was progress. It’s important to be able to acknowledge where you were when you’re no longer there.

This quiz your confidence levels and general life satisfaction. This quiz will not help you navigate the shopping centre like the you are here map I mentioned earlier. But what it will help you do is take stock of where your confidence levels are now and maybe even help you set some goals for this 28 days. Don’t worry, it’s not painful. It’s not even that long. Plus the survey will not be made public, it’s for YOU. Save yourself a copy so you can look back on it at the end.

Daily Challenge – Read the quiz, think about your answers carefully and being completely honest with yourself, complete the quiz.

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  • where is the quiz?

  • What an inspiring challenge 🙂 I can’t partake as I’m all about baby steps as I recoup from surgery, but wish you heaps of success on reaching the 5km. I did answer the survey and will share the challenge on FB xx

    • Thank you Nat you generous soul you. And goodness no, no running for you. Well, not yet. Take care. xo

  • Jen

    Great quiz. It challenged me to be honest. I keep forgetting you are quite a bit ahead of me hours wise and that it is still 11/1 here. I will have to think of something like 5km but not running…

    • Yes I am! It seems really present to me right now because my cousin is in the US. Normally I forget too. I’m sure you’ll come up with something that you want out of this. Let us know when you do. We’ll check up on you. Haha.

  • Woah Melissa – your quiz forced me to be very honest – a good thing. I have told you stuff that I have not even revealed on my blog. I am not ready to. You now probably know me better than I do – haha!! I forgot to print my answers – but I think I will remember! Min xo

    • I’m glad, sometimes we just need to take a minute to work out where we are. I actually can’t match people up with the answers it’s just in a spreadsheet far, far away, so your secrets are safe with me. xo

  • Ohhh this was timely.

    • Oooo. Really. Great!

      • Yes, you forced me to answer a question to a tiny little something that popped up that I questioned today. Tricky, tricky you. But overall I’m still up there feeling pretty damn confident, but I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t think there is always room for improvement.

  • I am loving this!! Seriously cannot wait to see what you have in store as it progresses. It is a very hard gift to give yourself. Very confronting and I don’t do too well with answering questions to things I force myself not to think about.

    • Thanks Miss Pink. Hang tough and give yourself this. I love that you’re joining in, there was a couple of posts I had you at the VERY front of my mind when I wrote them. I’ll let you know when they’re live which ones. 😉

      • Ooooh really? Now I am intrigued even more!