Someone likes your new hair cut and they say ‘hey YOU, I love you hair, you look great!’ what do you say?


Are you immediately minimising it. Ah, it’s nothing.

Or do you deny it? No, it’s not, it’s SO frizzy.

Or do you simply say thank you. Thank you. Nothing more. Nothing less. Just, thank you. As in you take the compliment. Do you accept it like the gift it is. Compliments ARE gifts. It’s rude to deny them, refuse them or thrown them back in the person’s face.

If I was to hand you a beautifully wrap, considered and meaningful gift for your birthday what would you do? I would hope, given you’re all such lovely things, that you would accept it graciously and say thank you. Imagine now that I gave you that gift and you said no thanks and handed it back. Or worse said ‘Ugh gifts, yuck’.

Treat compliments the same way. That’s your challenge today. No matter how awkward you are, how shy or embarrassed or sure that they are WRONG you are, just say thank you. Smile, look them in the eye and say thank you. Mean it, what a wonderful gift.

And what does this have to do with confidence? Well everything. To be able to look someone in the eye and say thank you when they compliment you takes confidence. Confidence that you won’t appear vain or up yourself. It takes confidence to acknowledge that yes there is something wonderful about you and you’re a little bit glad someone noticed. I bet for some of you this post even makes you a bit awkward. So awkward. Well, time to get over it. Haha.

Daily Challenge: Accept ALL compliments with a simple thank you.

  • I have this covered I learnt ages ago to take a compliment with a thank you and let that feeling of the compliment do its work. It truly is a powerful thing once you learn to do it. You start to think differently about yourself and you get a bit of swagger. On the other side of the coin I love giving random meaningful compliments to unsuspecting people, makes them feel great as well as me.

    • That is the best part! I love taking the time to tell someone how great they look today, or I love your necklace or their child is so lovely. It matters to people. Great addition to the post Trudie. A great reminder.

  • Amy Wells

    The ‘random compliment ‘ thing actually happened to me on Monday and it did boost my confidence! I was at a kindy Gym class with my son and one of the other mothers there told e a looked really nice in the skirt I was wearing. I think I blushed but I did say thank you – and for the rest of the day I felt like I was rocking that skirt and looking more like a yummy mummy rather than a slummy mummy for once!

  • Jackie Brown

    Recently I have learned to say Thank-You after a compliment, I no longer think there is another reason lol

  • Renae Foottit

    I remember giving a friend a compliment on her artwork in my early 20s and she simply said “thank you” and it made me feel so good that I decided that from then on I would accept compliments graciously and give them more freely. Great post!

  • Cherie

    … life is so uncomplicated if we allow it, isn’t it? You’re marvellous, Thank You Suger 😉

  • river

    I’m a “Thank You” person. With a smile.

  • I love how you spin this and make it so simple.
    But if someone is gushing big time over a part of me I hate I will still rebutt a little. Maybe something like “Really? You think so? That’s so nice as it’s one of my least favourite parts of me.”

    • You could but it’s too much information. AND you didn’t actually say thank you. Just something to think about. 😉

      • Hmm I don’t think I worded that right.
        I do just say thank you initially. It’s those people who feel the need to go on and on about something I was talking about.