I’m going to make a big old bold statement at the start of today’s post. Are you ready for it? I think to be a more confident version of yourself you HAVE to know who you are. Knowing yourself is something that takes a moment. It takes quieting the mind and just being with you. Add five minutes to the start or the end of the day {15 is even better} to just sit quietly and breathe.

Meditate basically. But without the pressure some people feel when you say meditate. Just breathe in. And breathe out. Let the thoughts come and go. Don’t get annoyed at them being there, just nod and let them pass you by. When my Dad first suggested I meditate to quiet my overactive mind, I was all kinds of terrible at it. And that was the point.

As a teen I would find myself up late into the night writing or swimming lap after lap in our pool to burn off what can only be described as manic energy. I would paint and craft and chat online for hours. I needed to be doing something. Is it any wonder that just being quiet didn’t come easily to me.

My mind would shout loudly at me, sometimes I was so worn out I would drift off to sleep, other days I would fidget like a squirmy toddler. It’s fine, he’d say, just keep doing it. Soon that time every day was something I looked forward to. A moment in my day to centre myself is something I miss and plan to start doing again.

I’m going to start today! And so are you. I don’t care if it’s in your car, the shower, in your favourite couch or in those final moments before you drift off to sleep tonight, take a moment to be quiet.  You’ll be amazed at what you hear yourself say.

Daily Challenge: Find 5 minutes to just be quiet.

  • Erin Myers

    Hi Suger,
    I just wanted to send along a little love from Canada.
    I have been faithfully reading your blog for 3 months now, pouring through your older posts and loving your work! 🙂 You are an inspiration and a blogging goddess! I will admit to doing a little excited dance when your posts pop up in my email amongst the work emails and random mish mosh. You inspire me to keep blogging, no matter how many people might be reading. I have fallen in love with the blogging world, and even if I only ever have 2 readers I will keep writing. Your #confidentyou series couldn’t have come along at a better time, I have been feeling less than.. and I am thrilled to keep up with the series. I wrote today, a post about your series and what it has inspired in me, and have started a series of posts responding to your challenges.. 13 days after the start, what can I say? Being timely isn’t something I have mastered yet.. I am determined to write a post to every one of the 28 Confident You posts, even if it takes me in to December. I love it that much. 🙂 I just wanted you to know you are reaching people, far far away.
    Take care, and much love,
    Erin Myers

    • Hi Erin! My cousin is visiting Canada at the moment on a working holiday, it’s all kinds of gorgeous. so you know, well done you and your country. Haha.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write this comment, I’m so happy and proud. I look forward to reading your posts, feel free to add a link to the corresponding posts if you like. I’m glad it showed up for you when you needed it. I too fell in love with blogging and the community and the people. You couldn’t drag me away if you wanted too. LOVE.

  • river

    In the car is probably not the best place to meditate, since you might relax enough to fall asleep.

    • Well, yes, but it’s a great place to be quiet. For goodness sake don’t shut your eyes! Haha.

    • I do find it quite easy to be quiet in the car. I haven’t had any accident yet, thankfully. 🙂