The old saying goes hire slowly, fire quickly. And on my blog I do something along this line with things like regular features or posts on a particular topic. Now, this won’t mean that you have to take a hatchet to something that you love and adore. But if your aim is growth of your blog the reader is key, if not king. If they aren’t voting with their clicks or comments, then you know they’ve become tired of it and it may be time to go. Especially if for you it has become a weight around your neck. Something you HAVE to do. Something you’re no longer interested in. Perhaps, there’s a correlation there, between you and your readers. Go figure, huh?

This can also be true with multiple blogs. I’ve had them. Most people have. Sooner or later most people end up scaling back to one. There are ways to ensure your content is rolled into your main blog including the comments. But mostly you have to decide when it’s time to close a blog. And when it’s ok to keep going. Only you will be able to make the call. And the choice of which to close and which to keep might not always be the one you thought it would be in the beginning. Take your time. Consider your options.

Recently there’s been a major shift around here. This is a plus size fashion blog with a dash of life on the side, instead of the other way around. It was sort of happening and then I gave it a shove and just went for it. In the post I did announcing, acknowledging this, I said that right now this Is my expression, that my blog is merely a reflection of that. Is your blog still an expression of you or are you going through the motions and maybe it’s time to cut some dead wood loose?

So which is it?

  • Carly Findlay

    Ultimately I blog for me. And so I’m not fussed if readers aren’t clicking or commenting. Of course, I like the responses, but I am equally as happy with words on the screen, that I have crafted. But it’s the posts from the heart that resinatE with readers. Which is nice. So I am not going to stop writing about a topic due tomy readers.
    This week I wrote two posts from thr heart and the response has been amazing.

    • sydneyshopgirl

      I agree Carly. My blog has gone all over the place in the last year especially and I’m fine with that. I write best when I write about things that are important to me at the time.

      SSG xxx

      • The writing about what’s important to you is the key. And your blog is just as charming, fun and footloose and fancy free as it always has been. The conversation has shifted a little, that’s all.

    • I think that’s the key. If readers aren’t connecting and engaging, I actually think that it’s because you weren’t overly connected or engaged yourself. And that, connected to yourself, should drive the cutting of a topic or not. The readers are a symptom, not the cause, if that makes sense?

      If a blogger doesn’t care about readers, they’d pretty much set their blog to private and leave it at that. Whatever the degree, once there’s it’s open to the public, the reader must be considered.

  • We all are Kim, we all are. It’s about finding the things you love, writing about them in a way that makes readers want to interact and maintaining an interest for yourself. I think that’s the key. For me, anyway.

    Food posts and I were trial and error. I was in love with food posts for the traffic they bought and all that. But it turns out I hated doing them, hated writing them and they annoyed me getting all this traffic when I didn’t even like them much. So I stopped doing them. That’ll show ’em. I tried and for me, it was an error. 😛

  • Ive slightly lost my blogging mojo atm. I think its just that real boring life is getting in the way, with trying to finish uni and getting a new day job and the like, but i have some exciting stuff coming up (like a trip to samoa) and am hoping the fun will come back to blogging once i have something enjoyable to write about 🙂 xx

    • I hate when boring life gets in the way. The mojo will come back, or mine always has sooner or later anyway.

  • Mumabulous

    You’re doing so well with the plus sized fashion. It seems a natural choice to continue in that vein. I started Mumabulous with the intention of writing about kids activities but it quickly spun off on a tangent. I think I needed a break from kids activities. Thanks for all the blogging tips – I’m finding them really helpful. Love Mumabulous

    • Thank you. It’s a good fit for me, for now. You’re welcome. Saturday morning as part of Styling You’s link up, more great posts over there too by all sorts of bloggers.

  • Desire Empire

    Blogs are so ever changing. It surprises me sometimes what works and what doesn’t. Fun and enjoyment are key for me. I only do it if I like it or have happily experienced it. That’s pretty much how I decide what is in or out.
    Dropping by via Styling You


    • Hi and welcome. It is, isn’t it. That’s how I decide now too. Less pressure, more swift movements and actions. And it works.

  • Another great post. I’m going through the motions and also trying to expand my horizons. Having recently this year gone down to the one blog, I’m stil slowly working and weaving my way with incorporating the two sides of me into one place with my current blog, I know it’s possible, I see the picture, I have the goal, I know it’s possible. But it’s going to take time some things can’t be rushed and for me it’s not just about me it’s about my readers and easing them into it

    • Good luck. I know you’ll do it and your blog will be stronger for it. Ease them into it, for sure. Or you know, shock the pants off them. Haha.

  • river

    My blog, my one and only, is still very much me. Random thoughts at odd moments, a bit of silliness here and there, photo posts, now and again something sensible creeps in, but mostly it’s just drifting along.

    • It certainly is drifting along. A great personal blog with the best of everything.

  • Mine is just me, but I don’t have a large following and honestly I don’t care anymore. I just like writing and I like writing about what I want whenever I want so I think my blog will probably just remain a reflection of that. A little piece of me in cyberspace.

  • lisa | renovating italy

    I feel i am just starting to focus the blog toward my own style. I don’t want it to be a chore, I love the interactions with the readers. I do have a few things to cull…I think the “Life’s Postcards” might go, it drives me crazy as the page is hard to post to. Still it’s growing and changing much like me, I do want to start advertising and have a more professional look.
    Guess what we’ve got some news!!!
    ciao love lisa

    • You do need to make it something that matters to you. As features wane it’s usually because a blog owner has lost enthusiasm for them. I think. I look forward to seeing where to next for your blog. I’m sure it’ll be AMAZING.

  • I seem to be adding wood lately. Last week I did a couple of extra posts, more ‘personal’ stuff, instead of focussing solely on parenting and cooking. I always struggle with how personal to get on my blog(s) but really enjoyed sharing and recording some of the precious moments in my life right now.

    • You’ll know the line for the personal thing. Trust your instincts. And if worse comes to worse you can pull it. I’m glad you’re enjoying your blog. THAT is what matters.