Well you’ve heard it here before how the blogger ladies have become some of the best friends this girl could ever ask for. And the Queensland folks, well they just take the cake. They are like real life friends you can hang out with whenever you make a plan and swap clothes and stuff. It’s AWESOME. So when The Cut for Evans range came out and I was in desperate need of some of the pieces we grouped together and ordered with the plan for photos together later.

Mission accomplished folks, don’t you think!?

plus size fashion cut for evans-001

I picked up the knit tunic, skirt, top and the patterned pants Mel {on the left} is wearing. Mel got the matching top and pants while Liv picked up that killer pencil skirt and the yellow dress Em was kind enough to model below. We all ordered the size UK24. They all fit like a glove. Weird especially when you see us all together, we look so different. Gives you the idea that one little ticket will never really sum it all up, right?

Are you ready for moooooooore!? 

plus size fashion cut for evans-29 plus size fashion cut for evans-28 plus size fashion cut for evans-30 plus size fashion cut for evans-26

Meet Emma!

plus size fashion cut for evans yellow dress-001

Wearing the yellow dress Liv picked up and being a great spot about the crazy blogger stuff is the very hot best friend of Liv. Maid of Honour to be too, exciting, right? The yellow dress is thick and bright and wonderful. And yes, that’s totally a cut out on the right hand side of the dress at the neckline. GREAT detail. Awesome. Emma is a size 18/20 normally {from memory} so she had room to move in this baby but looks a million bucks, right!? Holy heck this is a show stopper dress. It’ll be killer with tights and boots come winter and just as awesome all year round. You know, unless you’re prone to the heat like I am.

plus size fashion cut for evans-6

And you know, Liv, right!?

plus size fashion cut for evans pink floral skirt-001

This lady is probably one of the best friends I have in my life at the moment. Olivia the gorgeous of Wait Until The Sunset blog is the only other blogger blogger in these photos. She puts clothes together like a demon and has such a fun sense of style. This killer pink pencil skirt is SO going to make its way into my wardrobe {on lend, of course} sometime soon. And you know what, she’s the kinda girl who would hand it over without question. Generous, she is. The fit was gorgeous on Liv who is a 20/22 across the hips normally. The material has a good amount of stretch and the pattern is amazing. Soooooo many colours in there that pairing options are endless. But for Liv, it’s always about the pink. Haha.

plus size fashion cut for evans-1

And THIS is Mel from Curvy Cartel.

plus size fashion cut for evans print pants print shirt-001

The gorgeous Mel has style up to her eyeballs. She runs an online shop via Instagram {the most dangerous account to a fatshionista EVER} and has an amazing eye for detail and style. She was also a really, really big fan of my new 17 Sundays jacket. Which looks HOT on her paired with the shirt and top from the Evans collection. Mel is more of an 18 on top and maybe a 20 in bottoms but her choice of a UK24 isn’t surprising. Mel wears her clothes in a layered, light and loose way that totally works for her. I have the pants too, they are not as long on me {closer to my actual size}. They look great, RIGHT!?

plus size fashion cut for evans-23

And then ME.

plus size fashion cut for evans knit skirt knit vest-001

Because Mel was already showing off the pants I stuck with the knits I’d picked up from the range. Gorgeous is a bit of an understatement for these beauties actually. The quality is amazing, the colours bright and the knit heavy. Waaaaay to heavy for humid Queensland at the moment, let me tell you! But I’m okay with that, these babies are going to come in really handy for me come the cooler months. I’m normally a pretty standard size 22. The UK24 is a great fit for me. In fact given how broad across the shoulders {and boobs} I am, it’s actually a little large so it’s the one item I’d probably recommend a size down in. And worn together, don’t you just think this top and skirt are MAGIC. It’s like having a dress you can take apart and wear separately. Such a win.

plus size fashion cut for evans-14 plus size fashion cut for evans-16 plus size fashion cut for evans-18

 So spill, which is YOUR favourite piece of the collection?

Shop the Cut by Evans range here.

  • garnerstyle

    You guys look great!!!

    • Thank you lovely! A love your blog {just quietly} glad to have you on mine. x

  • Emma H

    Have I been living under a rock? I’ve never heard of Cut for Evans until now and boy am I excited! We have a friends wedding in October this year and I am certainly going to purchase something bright and beautiful from this range to wear. The Knit skirt or the Pink and Green tube skirt… So hard to pick a favourite! Thank you for opening my eyes to a whole new world of plus size clothing xx

    • You are SO welcome. I have a pair of shoes from Evans but this is the first items I’ve purchased clothes wise. Though I can’t imagine them being the last after seeing how awesome they are! Good luck finding the perfect item for your friend’s wedding. Though maybe finding isn’t the issue now, it’s choosing. Haha.

  • GORGEOUS!!!!! I really need to get those pants too Melissa, your review is really great.
    As you know I’m a fan of a pattern of two

    • Thank you Wendy. We had a great time and YES the pants are so awesome. I wore mine today. They are a little firm at the moment after a month of over indulging, so maybe they aren’t as generous as I thought they were. Haha.

  • Emma Hinchliff

    Ehhh I die!!! You girls look fantastic and those clothes!!! Epitome of awesome!!!!! Loving that pink skirt and it’s on my list!!! Thanks for the size dets too! Now I know what to order being that I’m the same as all 4 ladies!!! Love love!!! Oh and you girls ARE the coolest QLD’ers I know pretty much!!!

    • Thanks Em!! The items really are gorgeous, I can’t wait to show you them next time we get together. We totally are, right? Haha. Wave that QLD flag. 😉

  • Freaking EPiC!!!! I loved every single photo – what a great bunch of ladies, showcasing a freaking awesome collection. I’m after the sweater dress for winter (not pictured) as I’m an absolute sucker for a sweater dress and boots as soon as the weather chills….

    • Thanks Jo! Glad to hear it. I got the sweater dress actually. It’s pretty short on me {but I’m almost 5’11” so that’s not a big surprise} and I cannot wait to wear it exactly as you described.

  • Danimezza


  • You all look amazeballs <3

  • LockStockandStyle

    Queensland girls wear colour like no one else ! You all look fantastic but I LOVE that pink pencil skirt most.

    • Totally agree. It helps that the ladies are all blonde, it works so well with the colours. HA! And yes, that skirt is pretty darn spectacular.

  • Kim Donaldson

    Love them ALL!!!

  • Love them all! But I am now obsessed with the yellow shift dress and must have it!!

    • It’s amazing CC, it’s this like scuba type material. I forget the real name. So it’s sort of structured but not. Amazing. Size up, maybe two on that one if you can to avoid having to wear killer suck in underwear.

  • I’m so in love with the top & pants combo Mel is wearing. Would love to see you in it! I think you all look fabulous though, I love the group shots though, you look like some awesome girl band!

    • I’ll see what I can do about borrowing her shirt. Haha. I have the pants and that’s my jacket, so I’m pretty much set. I’ll let you know if I can make it happen. 😉

      HA! YES, we do right. Like a chubby Josie and the Pussycats for 2014. Fun.

  • Rah

    LOVE the shots of you three together – makes me wanna sing Right Said Fred m/

  • Totally amazing.

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  • Love!

  • What a bunch of foxy ladies! As I said on Facebook, move over Charlies Angels! 😉 All the outfits are totally fabulous, but my favourite is yours Miss Suger! I know, I know, not supposed to have favourites! 😛

    • I know right? TOO foxy. Haha. We were laughing and saying the same thing. Mel even offered to make her hair more caramel so we have a brunette of sorts. Now that’s commitment. I love these knits too. They certainly are fitting well into my wardrobe even now.

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