Earlier this week was celebrity week for Aussie Curves. You guys know. You were there. Well the photos I used weren’t the first we took. First up I had attempted Khloe Kardashian’s laid back, slightly odd style. Oh man did I want to replicate her neon yellow jeans looks. Sigh. if only. I would probably trade my Hubby for well fitting, neon yellow jeans right now. I wish I was kidding. So anyway, we were trying for a paparazzi style shoot and it just didn’t work out. When it came down to it the photos were too cool to throw away. So here we are.

Putting this outfit together I wanted to capture the cute cuffed jeans thing that Khloe does a lot. Floaty, cinched tops and big ombre flowing hair {I have that, winning!}. Of course the shoes are essential. Big heels. A dash of animal print {another Khloe favourite}. But the final addition of the head band was what made this outfit something that was outside of my comfort zone. Especially wearing it across my forehead. But it’s cute. And blingy. And totally odd, so it grew on me. Maybe there’s something in that for me. Something about clashing styles and textures and patterns. Something about being braver.

Can we pahlease note how many times my Hubby {let’s say he was a wee bit festive – no more beers for him!} chopped my feet off. It was a lot. I kept pleading for photos with my feet in them, please. With my shoes! PLEASE. Honey, bunny PLEEEEEASE! The honey bunny thing didn’t happen. But there was begging, pleading and things of that nature. Luckily he was complaining of a sore throat and I was feeling sorry for him. And then with the sound of the blower vac man moving closer and closer, we packed up our gear and left to watch my team lose their last Hockey game of the season. It really wasn’t my night. A couple of people at hockey did tell me I looked good, so that’s was a win I suppose.

Headband & Belt – Unknown {gift from my Mother}

Top – Avella for BigW

Jeans – ASOS Curve

Shoes – Emerson for BigW

Bag – It’s a knock off, don’t ask

{no brand relationships currently exist}


  • Sexy Lady 😉

  • Tabitha

    Haha yay for giving one of our K-Dash gals a go! I love these pics! x

    • Naaaw, you’re too kind. They worked out pretty well for photos that at first look were horrible!

  • So glad you shared these photos, they’re great. Love the location for the paparazzi shots. Great shoes btw! Yes they were worthy of being in every shot. Mr Suger what were you thinking?

    • Thanks Jeanie. I couldn’t see that at the time because I had such a different look in mind for them. It took a little while to step back and see what I actually had there.

      They’re a bit fab, these shoes, totally impractical and fabulous. Photos worthy, for sure. 😀

  • Sarah White

    I love the idea of trying to get a papparazi shot! You should def keep on doing the headband. It would look great it summer with a flowing maxi.

    • Thanks. Too back the execution didn’t quite meet the dream. But this is a nice attempt anyway. Haha. I think you might be right. I must look into more headbands.

  • river

    Neon yellow? I didn’t know jeans came in such a colour. Not at all sure I’d try them either. I like my regular blue denim. Faded from much wearing, but NOT that artificially faded stuff that has dark blue denim with near white patches in odd places. Really, denim does not fade that way!! I digressed a little didn’t I?
    Back to your photos. You look great, I like the headband and the location is fabulous.

    • Haha. You did. A little.

      Thank you. It does come out a bit cool in photos, it’s my local, local shopping centre. As opposed to my local {but a bit of a drive away, local centre}

  • I have to say, I think these might be some of my favourite photos of you! I adore them! Oh, and I found neon yellow jeans at Target for $31!

  • {I’m late – sorry!} The shot with the shoes looks like you are modelling them pro! Hot stuff I must say!

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