Howdy Sugers, I’d love for you to meet Corrine. She blogs at Frock and Roll. A fashion and life blogger with all sorts of fun and funky stuff to share. I hope you’ll pop over and check out her world. After having met Corrine myself in Sydney last year, I can vouch for her genuine enthusiasm and joy. Fabulous wardrobe and gorgeous skin colour. All real. Promise. Now, let’s check out her STYYYLE…

Firstly, GOSH. You think I have ”style”?! That’s amazing! (And ridiculously flattering!) Thank-you very, very much, lovely Melissa!

In all honestly, I very rarely feel like a ”fashionable” person. I’m embarrassingly frugal (90% of my wardrobe comes from second-hand stores, and it’s EXTREMELY rare that I’ll fork over more than $60 for any one piece), I don’t do uncomfortable (heels? Naaah. Too-tight clothing? Forgetaboutit! Chilly outside? I don’t care *how* pretty a garment it is… if I’m cold, I’ll sling a ski jacket over my ensemble if I have to!), and I definitely don’t follow any kind of trends. (Oh, if only I had the attention span!)

I named my blog Frock & Roll after my penchant for fun-filled (usually floral!) feminine pieces and rock and roll music, and I’d say it’s a term that perfectly describes my personal ‘look’, too. Sure, I’m often draped in pink, but there’s usually a skull print (or pin… or handbag!) skulking around somewhere, and while I adore frothy dresses and girly headbands, I’ll always pair them with tougher accessories. (Studded belts, clunky motorcycle boots and faux fur, I’m talking about YOU!)

It’s a little bit wacky, it’s slightly silly and most of the time, I feel like an enormous muppet, but hey… that’s ME! Thank-you so much for welcoming me into your wonderful web home, Suger readers! You’ve been delightful hosts.

  • Oh I really love Corrine’s blog – she always looks so lovely and fab! I keep forgetting to add her to my bloglovin’ feed, thanks for reminding me! x

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Me too! You’re welcome. She is well worth the add. 🙂 

  • Melissa, you are so remarkably lovely. Thank-you so, *so* much for featuring me – WHAT AN HONOUR! I hope we get to meet again soon! xoxo

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      You’re welcome lovely. Thanks for visiting us. 🙂 

  • sheribombblog

    Love. Love love love love LOVE! Blog stalk commencing in 3..2…1

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Agreed! Enjoy. 😀

  • Corrine, I love the idea of a frothy pink dress with a studded belt and biker boots!

    Melissa; I’ve tagged you in a challenge scheduled to appear at my place tomorrow.

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      The contrasts are my favourite part of Corrine’s wardrobe. So unexpected and fun. 

  • Laura

    Loved this! I definitely have a new favourite blog right now because that description made me feel like I was reading about myself 😉

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Oh good! I do love matching blog friends up with each other. Enjoy. 🙂

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