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Suger Coat It is a community of engaged and interactive readers across numerous social media platforms; arguably Australia’s largest plus size fashion blog. Suger Coat It is synonymous with joy, fun and living life well.

Having successfully promoted campaigns with some of Australia’s foremost fashion and lifestyle brands. With this in mind, I welcome contact regarding items in the fashion, lifestyle, food, beverage and travel industries.

Fit any of those categories and interested? Samples can be sent to the postage address above and all consideration will be given to their inclusion in future Suger Coat It content. For a more specific content arrangement, please email me for options.


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Please email me for my media kit and rate card. General inquiries welcome. For more information on copyright, disclosure and the terms of this blog pop over to the original pr & disclosure page. 


  • Paul

    Hi Melissa, just come across your web site. I am a thermomix owner and found you via pinterest, your won ton soup got me in. As a male and being a visual person, the images along with the recipes are fantastic. I have found your recipes great as your instructions seem very clear and pretty to look at. Most of the time we would eat something firstly because it looks good, not because of what it is. “we eat with our eyes”. I feel the images on your page sell your recipes very well. Congratulations on a great page. Paul.

    • Thank you Paul! I’ve learnt a lot of the years about photographing food and building sites etc. Practice makes perfect they say, or some version of it. I’m really happy you found everything easy to follow and visually appealing (woo!). I’ve been cooking more again recently. Come back soon!