Today I’m having consumer issues, like should I get option one or option two of Castagram’s new iPad cases..?

Or, should I return this jacket because it doesn’t button up?

Or should I sell up my life and future offspring’s earning potential and move this this multi-million dollar Tuscan villa?

And lastly, where the heck I’m going to get the money for this ongoing online shopping addiction? Any ideas?


  • Gayel

    Haha..thank you for sharing your consumer issues…now I may have one of my own on Casetagram!!

    • Ha! Sorry about that. You and the rest of my facebook page. Whoops.

      Not a sponsored post 😉

  • Miss TikiBoo

    Those cases are cute, is it an instagram thing? I must be the only person on the planet not instagraming!

    • Haha. Yes you use your Instagram photos to make a whole bunch of thing. This business sells iPhone and iPad cases. I have two of the phone cases and love them. 9 months old and no real signs of wear. Winning. 😉

  • whiningattheworld

    Just go the Tuscan Villa. That alleviates the other decisions.

    • Haha. I think so too. BUT don’t you think I’d need an iPad to blog from my beautiful villa? 😉

      • Whiningattheworld

        An IPad? Sure. But aren’t you, K and the Villa beautiful enough? 🙂

        • Maybe I’ll order if after I get there. A month or two and the charm of just us two there would wear off I think. HAHA.

  • river

    Yes, return the jacket. Any jacket that doesn’t button is useless.
    And then move to the Tuscan Villa and please, please, please take me with you!
    It looks so perfect…….

    • I decided to do just that. Have ordered the replacement and got this one packed up ready to return for a refund. Not that I ever plan to wear it buttoned up. I never do. And of COURSE you are welcome at my villa. It has 10 rooms or something.

  • Sares

    Hmmm love both but i’m leaning towards Option 2 and swoon at the Tuscan villa *stoopid money…pout* 😛

    • So did a lot of the people on Facebook. I think it’s the one I’ll order. I know, the villa, I DIE.

  • sheribombblog

    When you find out about the money for the online shopping addiction PLEASE let me know!!

  • Claire Stephens

    i like option 1 and the villa.

    • Really? Darn. Just when I thought I’d decided. Maybe I do NEED them both. Haha.

  • Alittlespacelikehome

    option 1. No. Yes, make sense? your welcome!

  • YES to the villa, as long as I can come and visit! WOW!

    • Of course, it has a ridiculous number of bedrooms. Stay as long as you like. 😉