Take the Confident You Body Confidence Challenge! www.sugercoatit.com

Ladies, brace yourself. Confident You is back for the second time in 2016 with a TWO WEEK body confidence challenge. Starting 1st December this short and sweet challenge will see you question, and in a lot of cases break through, the ideas you have about your body, how it should look and who has a say in what you do with it.

It’s about confidence and being at home in the body you have NOW. The one that has loved and supported you through all the challenges life has thrown at you. The one that, to date, has never quit on you. It’s about saying to yourself once and for all, I AM GOOD ENOUGH.

Because you are! 

PLUS, we might even get you out there trying something new like salsa dancing, going without sleeves, wearing a bikini or rocking that bodycon. Maybe even have you in selfie mode like a tween just for good measure. Haha. It’s about feeling at home in your body just as it is. Sounds like fun, right?

The challenge will run on the blog starting December 1st with a daily photo challenge on Instagram and in the Confident You private Facebook group. So, Team Suger, it’s time to get out your notebooks and change the way you look at and treat your body.

Take the Confident You Body Confidence Challenge! www.sugercoatit.com

Take the Confident You Body Confidence Challenge! www.sugercoatit.com

Take the Confident You Body Confidence Challenge! www.sugercoatit.com

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  • Julie

    Unfortunately I missed most of the last one due to an unexpected stint in hospital! I’m hoping to participate more actively this time around. Thanks!

    • Can’t wait Julie! Hopefully the shorter format will help too. Hope you’re well. Glad to have you on board. x

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  • Renae

    Sooooo I just thought I’d share a little something with you, as experience has shown me that I’m probably not the only one out there feeling this way. I always sign up for your Confident You challenges, but I’ve always been missing the point, because I still think “yeah, I’ll be more confident in my body once I lose weight/tone up/eat better/stop the negative chatter” but now I’m finally starting to get it. It’s all about the body I’m in NOW and allowing myself to accept myself and love myself NOW, regardless of any numbers or what plans I have for the future. So I feel like I will be taking this challenge a little more seriously. Looking forward to it already.

    • You’re so right, we are never alone when we feel these things. This is such a valuable point Renae, I’m going to re-frame my whole introduction/Day One posts to deal with this. It’s about right now. No ifs or buts, now. I can’t wait to see what you achieve in the coming weeks. x