Sometimes it’s nice to pull on a draped top, slide up the zip on some three-quarter pants and just call it a day. There’s a fine line between items that are comfy and shouldn’t REALLY leave the house {but meh, whatever} and those that are passable in the old fashion stakes. Drapey tops aren’t something I wear that often. Actually if Autograph hadn’t sent it to me I would never have purchased it for myself. I’m a t-shirt girl when comfort is the order of the day, but it was nice to change it up. Like I always say ladies, sometimes you have to change things up.

You know what the best part about a comfy outfit like this is? No? Well because there isn’t really much of a back story for this outfit {wore it, ate some stuff, drove around, went home} I made a list! Who doesn’t love a list, right? It’s been awhile since I did a fun list. Too long in fact. So let’s do this thing!

  • You can eat what you like if going out for a meal and disguise ALL food babies.
  • You could actually even disguise a REAL baby if need be {I’m not, calm down}.
  • Sometimes when the breeze blows it flutters the top in the breeze, it’s like air-conditioning.
  • It doesn’t matter where the day takes you, this outfit works. In the park, kick off the shoes. Out to dinner, pile your hair up in a bun. Done.
  • Floral pants are pretty much always a win, especially in this fabric.
  • Oh I don’t know any more, it just works okay. Haha.

plus size floral pants autograph-1 plus size floral pants autograph-6 plus size floral pants autograph-8 plus size floral pants autograph-4 plus size floral pants autograph-3

Top – Autograph {gifted}
Pants – Autograph {gifted}
Necklace – Swapped
Shoes – Torrid

plus size floral pants autograph-7

I wish I had more to say today but my siblings have been killing me at the gym, I’ve committed to early nights and I’m pooped! Yes you heard me right, early nights well they lead to earlier mornings and absolutely NO NAPS. Eeeeek. My whole world has been turned upside down. It’s like welcome to normal people land. IT’s hard out there with the normal folks. Haha. I miss being an all nighter girl but I’m sure it gets easier. 

Tell me, what’s your favourite part about dressing for comfort?

Have a fab weekend folks!    

  • i just need to know, how is that it´s winter time for both of us, I have to wear boots, pants, 2 sweaters, coat and gloves if i wanna show my nose outside, and you can wear this???? Not fair! I want warm days!! Hahahaha.
    Great easy breeze outfit, btw. Love how the shoe´s colour plays with the flowers.

    • Well it’s just so beautiful up here! Word on the street is we’ll probably have one more cold snap then spring will be well and truly on the way. It’s heaven here. And probably the reason my boots last as long as they do. Haha.

      Thanks Gi. I love these shoes and they pick up the blue in the pants beautifully.

  • Guh, I want to cry at the perfection of those pants and the fact they don’t suit me. I plan to live through you though, because you pull them off! I am SO in love with so many pieces at Autograph atm, I kind of went around picking up handfuls of stuff to try on 😛

    • Thank you AND sorry! I know how much you wanted these babies to work. I hear you, the new stock is right up my ally with plenty more fab pieces to come.

  • Amy Freshfield

    My favourite part is being able to get down and dirty with my kids. I want to be able to sit on the floor and build with blocks, or run around on the grass or have a turn on the swings ( yes, my OWN turn ) but I don’t want to always be doing it in good old tracky daks ! I recently got myself two pairs of stretch cord skinnies from Susan Grad ( for 75% off – score! ) and they feel like I’m wearing PJs…. They’ve definitely become my comfy dressing favourites!

    • Oh yes, that would absolutely be the best. Great job on the new ants. Bargain!

  • Monique

    Whats the pant material like on these?

    • I don’t know the official name {and they’re in the wash so I can’t check} but they are a medium stretch {with a pretty structured waistband and sort of like suit material but not as heavy. Very similar, if not the same material as the floral blazer I have {also came in polka dots and black?}. Hope that helps!

  • Nadine

    Recently there has been pages of floral pants in magazines – and to all I have said hmmmm no.

    But, I love these!!!!!!

    I want these.

    Sadly I can’t wear autograph -so now I have to find this print in pants.

    • It’s a great print, right!? I’m pretty fussy with florals and Autograph have just had some great ones lately. I’ll be sure to keep my eye out for some in other brands. Did you need larger or smaller?

      • Nadine