I’m a big fan of the classics. I like a simple and chic all black ensemble. I looooove a black and white combination. I could live in a throw on denim jacket and never have any need for any other jacket ever. The classics are classic for a reason and in my opinion if you plan to get the most out of a smaller wardrobe then you need to embrace the classics.

Especially if by classics you mean simple lines in black and white.

Am I right or am I right? 

Most of my outfits lately have been black on black or black and white. I’m okay with that. Sure I add colour here or there but when I get stuck on something I wear it to death. I actually ended up ordering the white jacket that matches this skirt. I have no plans to wear them together {unlike the floral suit} but you should never say never, right? So watch this space for that.

black and white plus-size outfit with boots-5 black and white plus-size outfit with boots-8 black and white plus-size outfit with boots-7black and white plus-size outfit with boots-2

Some of you might remember. Maybe you were there. Maybe you read THIS post, but I wore this outfit to the Aussie Curves meet up the night before The Curvy Cartel Roadshow. Since then, I’ve worn it to work with my Evans midi heels. Such a win. Even if I did wipe lipgloss on it by midday. Haha. Then when I got home I threw a necklace on, some wedges and wore it to dinner. Easy peasy. Mostly it’s my “look at my attempt at being a polished grown up fashionista” outfit. Haha. Dinner dates, ladies nights, come at me.

black and white plus-size outfit with boots-9 black and white plus-size outfit with boots-3 black and white plus-size outfit with boots-6 black and white plus-size outfit with boots-10

Long Line Top – Target Australia
Jacket – Ashley Stewart via Curvy Cartel
Skirt – Boohoo.com {gifted – sold out}
Boots – Barefoot Tess


black and white plus-size outfit with boots-4

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  • I do not love those shoes. Please don’t hurt me. 🙂

    I love almost everything else you wear. I’ve even bought some of the shoes you wear that I would never in a million years have considered previously. But I cannot get on board with those boots.. Sorry! 🙂

    • TheLifeSheMade

      I think you either love or hate an ankle boot. I struggle to wear them like this ie with a skirt. I usually wear mine with pants.

      However, I actually really love the design of these ones. They’re pretty clever. The way the front scoops down means that it cuts across the leg on the thinnest part, elongating it nicely. It avoids the classic fat ankle look that can happen with ankle boots.

      • Yeah true. I was a hate for years but last year I just went nuts and bought three pairs. Love them now. Such a great alternative to a heel when you need put together but casual too.

        And I totally agree with what you said about these ones, it’s my favourite part, the deep dip is very flattering on the leg, not all ankle boots are.

    • Haha. I would never! Do I come off as aggressive do I? WELL, DO I? Jokes. And yeah, I think you either love or hate them, I love these ones and we are well into the second year of our love affair. So avert your eyes, more of these babies to endure this winter I’m sure. 😉

      • Lol yeah you love these shoes so much, I fear for my life! 🙂 Dont worry, I have a pair of boots I would dead people over too.. 🙂 Mine are much more army combat style though.

        Plus, do not even think of looking in the general direction of my Cole Haan ballet slippers. Even though they are two sizes smaller than I usually wear they are the most comfortable things I ever put on my feet.

        I went looking for some boots at Rivers to wear for a very specific purpose (hard work mucking out chook pens etc) and could not find anything suitable but they did have a lot of Kate Middleton-esque knee high boots for non hard work purposes which I will be checking out for purchase this year..

  • katypotaty

    You are SO right.

    Black and white is the freaking best… and I adore your boots too! They’re similar to my fave Country Road boots, good choice babe!

    • Of course I am. Derr. Haha. Thanks, got to love a pair of blonde/nude ankle boots. Such a win.

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