When I saw Joan River’s comment on Adele’s weight {post baby mind you, I thought every woman got a bit of a pass for a while after birth, apparently not} I shook my head. It reminded me actually of the first time I met my Hubby’s ageing grandfather. The dude kept making sink a boat jokes and commenting on my heftiness. His word, not mine. The worst part was that he was a bit senile at the time and kept making the same joke over and over again. At first I rolled my eyes. Even laughed a little saying that he most certainly should join me in that boat being quite hefty himself. Then it went on and on. Over and over and people started to get a little weird. I became the purple elephant in the room. He was the pink one. I’ve never wanted to punch someone more.

Until Joan Rivers. She did the same. Obviously not getting a ‘good’ enough reaction the first time she continued to puff up her face and spread her arms wide like good old Grandpa. Like, errr, we didn’t get the joke somehow. But we did. It was crap, that’s all. A cheap shot at a woman who is not only beautiful but insanely talented and grounded. Gah! PEOPLE. Thank goodness for Adam Hill and his recent views on fat jokes. He gave words {most of them a bit bitey, the other half a bit sweary} to what I was thinking. Words to what, I assert, a lot of people in that audience were thinking at the time. Nervous chuckles, gasps. Take a moment and watch the video. Then come back, I’ve got MORE to say….

I consider people like Joan and Grandpa ‘old school’. I don’t know whether times have changed or if they just got old and decided that they could say whatever they like. But the good news is more and more it’s an old way of thinking. There’s a change of the guard. A change towards health, towards ownership and towards being who you are. Sure it’s inching along at a glacial pace, but it’s happening. Adam Hill is proof of that. I’m proof of that. YOU are proof of that. Maybe these ‘old schoolers’ are just annoyed that they believe the bull shit for so long. Maybe it offends their ideas for a fat woman to be sexy, talented and beloved.

But even so, who cares!? It offends ME that you’re a jerk. It offends me that you still consider woman be ranked by her beauty. It offends me that you think a gay couple marrying has any impact on you. It offends me that a woman breastfeeding her child is open season for the know it all bossy boots in this world. It offends me that people cannot muster the compassion to just let people be. So out with you old schoolers {and it’s important to note old, does not mean old school}, we’ve had enough. Take a seat, mumble quietly to yourself about the good old days and how my generation are ruining the world. I’ve had enough.

You’re a dick.

So what say you, do you feel a changing of the guard? Even if there’s a way to go, it’s happening right?

  • Ezmae Reid

    Well said! I enjoyed that video! thanks for the share!

  • Deanna Buckley

    LOVE it! Vote a million and one times for Adam Hills!

  • Lisa Barton-Collins

    I agree – there is a definite change of the guard. I think it started as political correctness, but has evolved to just be ‘decent human being’. It is not decent or acceptable to comment disparagingly on anyone’s appearance – fat jokes, skinny jokes, tall or short people, whatever. NOT acceptable. Joan River’s slag fest at Adele really made my blood boil. It’s obvious that a woman so insecure about her own looks that she has extreme plastic surgery (and encourages her daughter to do the same), feels it is acceptable to make such disparaging comments about someone based on their appearance. Joan Rivers is supposed to be a comedian, and she is not funny. At all. She is a bit of a woeful disgrace, actually. Certainly not a decent human being.

    • Glad to hear it. I thought maybe I was looking through rose coloured glasses and seeing things that weren’t there. But most of all, I felt it in my guts. There’s a change a foot.

      Gah. Joan Rivers. Not my cup of tea AT ALL.

  • Oh Adam Hills how I love thee.
    Seriously, why the fuck does it matter anyones size or shape. The goal is healthy and healthy is different for everyone. I think she looks amazing.

    • So good.

      It doesn’t. Darn ranty old bird. And you can’t tell healthy by looking at someone, you really can’t. You know, unless you’re a Doctor, then maybe. 😉

  • totally agree

  • Patrick weseman

    Totally agree. But the scary thing is that it is not changing fast enough.

    And Joan Rivers making fun of people-WTF. Has she looked in the mirror lately.

    A short story: One of the morons I work with saw a picture of my daughter and said “She could stand to lose a little weight”. I am not the smallest of creatures. My daughter got her varsity letter this year in cross country, works out everyday, runs track and is from my gene pool. I told this moron “Well, I would rather her be sightly overweight than what your drunk ass looks like as you look like you went to the blood bank and forgot to say when.” (This dude is way underweight because he gets most of his calories from drinking and has been to rehab several times and can not stop drinking). I am tired of people making fun of others size and shape. If you are happy and healthy than you are good.

    Things like this reaffirm my thoughts that is it better to be a drunk or a dope addict than not be the perfect size.

    • Change never seems fast enough for those that want it to come about, I don’t think. Then one day BAM, it’ll be here. And what a relief that will be.

      It constantly amazes me that someone as obviously fit and healthy as your daughter {you just don’t achieve such things without it} would encounter criticism for her weight. What chance do the rest of us have? Amazes me. I recall the huge damage it did to me as a 12 year old when another parent at school told me I was a bad influence on her daughter because I couldn’t manage my weight. I was a big girl, fit and active. It was the first time it occurred to me that there was REALLY something wrong with me. That woman did that. And that’s not ok.

      Bring on the new day.

  • I agree completely! My in-laws are a decade older than my parents, and they are definitely of that old-school mentality, there were a handful of times that I had to leave their house early with my crying daughter because of some insensitive comment they made to her, it may have been all well & good 50 years ago, but today it’s just a bunch of bullshit.

    • Ugh, if I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard or experienced something like this, I’d retire. Good on you for removing her from that situation. It’s hard to get through to people sometimes what sort of impact that can have on a child.

  • Linda

    When I met my 80 yo uncle for the 1st time overseas, he too wanted to know how “someone like me” managed to score such a lovely strapping lad thats my husband. Very old school – great post 🙂

    • Oh dear. Clearly your husband has been bamboozled and will one day wake up and demand the wife he deserves… *face palm*

  • Cilla

    That Joan Rivers is awful.
    The kind of people who make hateful comments are really not the ones who ought to be throwing stones, as they are well and truly encased in glass.
    Glad that people are starting to call others on bullshit like this.

  • sheribombblog

    It’s definitely happening. My favourite saying lately is ‘those who throw mud can’t help bet get a little dirty themselves’ and it’s SO true! Joan just made herself look like a terrible person and the way she behaved and the things that she said had little to no impact on how people see Adele. Her on the other hand, a big fat (pun intended) raspberry! She is certainly not the perfect specimen of womanhood and she needs to check her attitude in a big way. In saying that, she’s made her fame by saying shocking, inappropriate things about people so it’s hard to expect more from her. She is the grandmother of all trolls, in fact I think she invented trolling way before the internet was even in existence. It’s a bit sad for her really. And one of the things I love about Adele, is I’m sure she doesn’t even care and would have told ‘the old slappa to shut it’ or something along those lines haha

    • Haha, I like to think she would too. Remember when Lagerfield said she was a bit fat and she made that great statement? I imagine in person she’s much more like your version than that. Haha.

      I love that saying. It’s dead on.