It took me a little while to find my groove with this dress. I’d ordered up a size for length and non-gaping buttons and it {just as the team from the brand said it would be} is a little TOO big. So take that as a sizing guide. Order your regular size. But anywhooo, I left it in a prominent position and bit by bit figured out how I like to wear it.

Thanks to those on the Facebook page who helped!

I’ve worn it with black and with white. With red and with even more denim. But most of all, thanks to my red hair and recent love affair with a golden pair of aviators, I love it with tan. The blue works beautifully with tan. And tan is just so darn summery. Have I mentioned that before? I have. Right. Moving on. Haha.

plus size chambray shirtdress 17 sundays-3 plus size chambray shirtdress 17 sundays-5 plus size chambray shirtdress 17 sundays-8 plus size chambray shirtdress 17 sundays-2

Just a little life update while you’re all here. Life is good. Thank you to everyone who dropped me a line or took the time to leave a comment. Anxiety sucks, mental illness is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of and I hope you will all say what you need to say when you need to say it on the matter. I’m feeling good right now. Starting to feel much more myself. Much more centered.

It’s funny but you can always tell in these photos. I can anyway. I see it if my heart isn’t in it. These photos feel a bit like a comeback. Exciting, cheerful and full of life. I’m back baby. Back and ready to hit the ground running finally. In chunky heeled sandals, of course.

So what next? Well I have an announcement coming up later today. Of the blogging variety people, no bun in this oven just yet. So watch your news feed, inboxes and twitter streams with extra special attention because there is something awesome coming. Something that will answer EVERY cry of EVERY person who ever said they wish they had me with them every day to kick their butt.

Your wish is my command folks. See you then!

plus size chambray shirtdress 17 sundays-9plus size chambray shirtdress 17 sundays-4plus size chambray shirtdress 17 sundays-6 plus size chambray shirtdress 17 sundays-10

Why so SERIOUS Suger? Oh right, that’s a pout. Awkward. 

Printed Chambray Shirt Dress – 17 Sundays
Belt – From another dress {similar} 
Strappy Sandals – Target Australia {gifted}


plus size chambray shirtdress 17 sundays-1

So what say you, chambray and tan is a total winner right?

  • Gayel @ Modern Mummy Mayhem

    I really like this dress! Love that paisley on the front. I know you say it is a little bit too big but I think in this hot weather it is perfect. Anyway…hanging out to hear about your big announcement…you go girl. I need a kick in the butt big time lately.

    • Thanks! Me too. And yes, in this weather the blousing absolutely works. It makes it super light and airy to wear. I seriously considered buying a second in a smaller size {or two} for when loose didn’t really work.

      Butt kick announced, did you see it? What did you think?

      • Gayel @ Modern Mummy Mayhem

        I love it! I am trying to renovate me this year and need the positivity and inspiration to push myself to a new and better place. So throw it in my inbox will ya?!

        • Will do lady, will do! Exciting. Good luck with your personal challenge this year. I’m sure you’ll do great.

  • the quiet life

    I agree, it doesn’t look too big, it looks cool and comfy. I HATE gaping buttons too. I can see you getting this out in winter time too and doing the layering thing

    • I know, right!? I’m super excited for winter and layering this baby with some ankle boots, actually all the boots, and chunky scarves and such.

  • Yep! You nailed it, tan is def the colour to match it with!

    • Thanks Nat! Let’s face it, I’m obsessed with tan at the moment. ALL the things. Haha.