There’s been a little something happening around here of late. It started when my office makeover uncovered a perfect indoor photo location, it became more obvious when my Nikon remotes came in the post from somewhere far, far away. It was solidified this week as I posted three outfit related posts in a week. I think this has become a plus size fashion blog, of sorts.

You know how I know? Because they are the first posts I schedule. The first posts I want to publish. Right now they are my expression. So I’m going to go with that. Hope that’s ok with you. I get it if there are some of you who aren’t that interested in post about what I’m wearing and where I found it. I’ll be sorry to see you go. I hope you will drop in from time to time. Pop in and say hi, you know.

Because I’ll still be rambling along. Still be finding my way in life and telling you all about it. Still be tracking my ups and downs in the gym and with my health and my urges to start a family. Most of all, don’t worry tales from the adventures of Hubby will still be reported diligently. I just wanted to take the time to acknowledge that there are changes a foot.

I blame the ombre hair. It upped the ante.

  • Yay!! That’s awesome. I love reading about your clothes 🙂 It’s become one of my favourite bits of blog reading – and inspired me 🙂

  • I love reading about your fashion! It inspires me to dress a little brighter & try new things that I may have been to frightened to purchase 🙂

  • Changes, no changes, love you either way and happy for you and happy to ride the wave of change with you and see where we go. X

  • river

    Change is good, because even if it doesn’t work out, you’ve learned something.
    That hair colour is perfect for you! I love it.
    And I like reading about your clothes, they’re an inspiration for a jeans all year person like me. Not that I ever buy anything like it, but at least I have some idea of what I could get should the urge arise.

    • Thanks River. I think so too. Even when it’s messy and natural it looks good. I LOVE that. Haha.
      You know what, that make me a bit too happy actually. Thanks. I appreciate your support. xox

  • owlycat

    That’s good, if you’ve found a niche you are happy with. It won’t define your blog, but might take it in new directions, which is great too!

  • Katy

    Excellent! Because I have no idea what to wear so I always wait to see what you’re buying!

  • Kirsty

    One of the parts I love the most about your blog! Bring it on 🙂

  • Amy

    The only thing I hate about your plus- size fashion posts is that I find things I love, but won’t fit. Which is probably exactly the same problem that plus size fashion lovers have been having for years!

    • Oh yes! That WOULD be frustrating. More and more the brands like BigW and Crossroads are making an appearance so they have regular sizing lines as well.

      I was about to point out that Virtu even goes to a 12/14 in some stuff, but you’d be smaller then that. Ha. No help at all. 😛

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  • You know I’m all for it!! xx

    • Excellent!! And now you have a house too. Things are coming up roses. 🙂