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Not every outfit has to be all glam hair and makeup, crazy heels and corsets as tops (cough cough). Sometimes the way you feel most confident and in control is when you nail the perfect casual outfit. Sneakers, dress, jacket. Done. Well that’s how it works for me.

This outfit is on high rotation in my wardrobe, it’s actually the third time we’ve tried to get photos for the blog of this outfit. Seriously. One set was too dark (hello winter sunset times), the other was too light (hello midday sun) and this set, while far from perfect finally gets the job done.

My friend Lisa Kerr will be happy! She sent me this dress one hundred years ago. Here it is Lisa! Finally out of the wash and on the blog. And so you know, ladies out there, this remarkable little dress is wear anywhere, slouchy, wash and wear. All my favourite things. Win.

For those playing at home, it also looks great with ankle boots, knee-high boots and wedges. I tried them all. It’s fool-proof. I have big plans for this baby come summer with tan wedges, maybe a belt (mine is short already) and my sleeveless white waistcoat. Lots of options. I’m glad to have it in my wardrobe. I’ve even slept in it as a nightdress.

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Wearing T-Shirt Dress by Lisa Kerr Designs, MYNT jacket and Adidas Sneakers.

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  • I love that dress! The colour is gorgeous and it just looks so comfortable (and how good is a dress you can wear as a nightie!). I love Lisa Kerr’s sizing too.

    I can’t do sneakers with a dress – I don’t mind the look on other people but it just doesn’t feel right when I do it. Fortunately I have a great collection of sandals. In fact I have some lovely royal blue Taking Shape sandals that would look lovely with a blue dress. Hmmm…

    • Dress nightie, always a win! Haha. And the sneaker thing, yeah, I don’t know how it started but I love it. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it sure is mine. Sandals are a great option.

  • You know, I was sitting recently thinking “oh, I haven’t seen a Suger post recently” so I came here, and low & behold, there were posts. So I checked my blog reader and somehow, I wasn’t follwing you anymore. That was soon rectified & I look forward to catching up on posts I’ve missed. I LOVE this outfit, It just seems so ‘you’. Comfort & Style and sporty!

    • Oh my goodness, well that just won’t do! Haha. Thanks lovely. Welcome back. x