I was contacted by the organisers of Bandanna Day regarding featuring the day on my blog. Obviously. I doubt they individually email all Australians to get on board. Anyway, that’s beside the point. The point is, I agreed and said I would use one of the bandanna’s in an outfit post. Show you how to rock your bandanna come Bandanna Day on October 26th. So this is me, acting like I know what I’m doing and rocking my bandanna in support of bandanna day. Like a boss.

Bandanna – Canteen Bandanna Day {gifted}

Basic Tee – Autograph {2012}

Navy Jeans – ASOS Curve {2011}

Sneakers – Converse

{some brand associations apply, please see my disclosure policy}

I had planned to show you lots of different looks and styles but my camera battery went flat and I ran out of time to charge it. Sigh. Best laid plans, right!? But this cute, casual outfit is something I would wear most weekends when it’s a bit cooler. Especially now the sneakers have made a come back in my wardrobe. Can you tell I just can’t help wearing them. Like, EVERY DAY. The colour matching with the orange dots in the bandanna was too perfect not too, don’t you think.

 For more about Bandanna Day, go here.

  • river

    I love, LOVE your bandanna! I once had several I’d collected over the years, but Prince-Not-So-Charming used them as cleaning rags for his painting…because I’d previously told him off for ripping strips off a sheet. Sigh.
    Anyway, I miss bandanna days now. We used to sell them in Coles, but haven’t done so for years. I always bought one then, but not sure where to get them now.

    • Thank you River. it’s a bit gorgeous, right!? They must have switched team because I know Woolworths is one of the places you can get them, there’s a whole list of stockists on the website if you’re interested.

  • Melissa Mitchell

    Hey, that bandanna looks gorgeous on you! We have a monthly donation to CanTeen set up from our account, it’s one of my favourite charities. The boys both have bandannas, but I love yours more. Might have to get some more. (And hey- it works so well with your high tops!).

    • Thanks Melissa! This is so great, congratulations to you and your family. I love that. Do get some more, there are some funky patterns out this year that I love.

      Yes, the high tops thing, I couldn’t help a little matchy matchy goodness. 😉