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I was chatting on Skype {thank you reasonable internet, I love you} to Lisa and Sam in Italy. Sam was heading off to collect the kids from school for lunch, Lisa was brimming with good health and excitement over her recent enrollment in B-School. We waved Sam off and started to talk about it. She shared that she felt real focus for her blog for the first time ever. She was crystal clear.

Her intention was to show people how they too could live a simple, fulfilling life wherever they are.

I laughed out loud. Well derr, I said. Derrrr. We had been saying it for a year or more. Sam in his own way had harped on about it since before then. I saw the look of surprise on her face as I laughed at her saying yes, well, welcome to the party Lisa, you’ve finally caught up. We are good enough friends for me to say that, I promise.

Sometimes we can’t see our own purpose because we are too close. Can’t see the forest for the trees my Dad always said. Lisa had her face pressed against the laptop screen and had missed that the thing that came naturally to her, the thing she loved above all else, the life she was living was all pointing her to blog a certain thing.

And she’s not alone.

My inbox overflows with people who would like to know how to commit to their blog, their business or an exercise routine. I tell them there are no secrets, you just have to like what you are doing. Love it actually. You have to wake up thinking about it every morning. It has to excite you.

Exciting in a way that inspires and pushes you.

I go to the gym because the way I feel, the time I spend there with people I love, makes me happy. I work for myself because I love the idea of freedom and creating something that is all mine. I blog because I have a lot to say. I blog because I am excited about the things I blog about. That’s why, I think, it’s always a little random around here.

But am I missing something? Is there something that if I was to stumble upon it in a month or a year from now and declare it the purpose of this blog you would laugh at me? I say it’s about living the sweet life. It’s about confidence, fashion and living well. I think people come here to read it because it makes them think differently and take on new things in life. Even if that means something as insignificant as trying ankle boots just once. But that’s what I see.

I have a request for you. As someone on the inner circle of the outside of this blog {as in, you don’t live here but you might as well sometimes} tell me, if I was to construct one sentence to tell people the purpose of this blog, what it is about what would I say? What would YOU say?

No ego stroke needed {you guys are MORE than generous in that regard}. I’m curious. Tell me what I’m not seeing. Show me the trees, I’ve been looking at the forest too long. If you would please. 

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  • lisa | renovating italy

    A light bulb moment, lol and so happy to have had it with you!!!
    It’s not even that I just saw ‘my product’ it’s that I now own it, I am creating my business my way, with help sure but no longer in the back seat. You know what I mean, I’m driving with the hood down and it feels great xx
    And that one sentence….
    Mellissa shines like a beacon, always has and always will, she draws people to her spirit, her drive, her generositiy and so important she owns her own skin, she is an awesome mentor and as a woman with a daughter I’m glad to know she is the one my girl admires, the one my girl sees on my computer and always tells me ‘see Mum you can do it, look at Melissa she rocks’……I want women like you in my life, in my daughters life, and even for my boys. Sorry not one sentence, but all I can say is YOU BRING IT!!!!

    • Haha. A light bulb moment indeed. Our friends at Landmark always did say that the real uh huh moments came with the sharing. And would you look at that. Hey presto.

      A big thank you to you and Carina. She’s right you know. There is nothing I don’t have {except maybe giant boobs. HA.} that you don’t have. Sooooo it’s time to get to it. Back yourself a hundred and fifty percent. Get it!

  • I really needed to read this today! I work for myself as well, and lately have been thinking about taking on some part time work to save some extra moolah for a holiday we are taking in september, just so we have enough to cover mortgage payments etc while we are away, and I’m being really picky over the jobs that I apply for, and it got to me feeling really bad about being so picky. But you’re right, I have to chose something that excites me, that I actually will want to do! You always seem to write stuff just at the right time. You’re clearly brilliant.

    • Well clearly! HA. Thank you L-A. I’m glad it was there when you needed. I know there will be something awesome out there for you if you’re brave enough to wait. I really do. Evidenced by the fact that I’ve found the same thing my entire life. I don’t know who is in charge of such things, but we are well cared for my friend. Keep looking and see what you find.

  • Ok well I’d say…. Suger Coat It is a place to be inspired whether that be in the area of fashion, confidence or self love and health.

    • Love it. Thank you Karrine. And even in one sentence, you go to the top of the class.

  • Suger Coat It does away the with pretenses. The messages are chatty and earnest, which makes them ring truer. There’s not presumption that the author is better than the reader or in a place of authority — she just is. Welcoming and warm and ever changing and dynamic. I think that’s the core of it. That feeling of honesty and warmth and novelty, like your favourite tea in a mug that changes daily.

    • This, my friend, is probably one of the kindest, bestest things I have ever seen. Seriously. You have no idea how happy it makes me to see this blog described like that. Thank you.

  • Trudie Bristow

    Ha I’m not giving you one sentence, I’ll give you my rambled response as always when you question, challenge or enquire the mind. Hmmm that’s something you do, at times you have us question, challenge and enquire the mine. You may blog about fashion, confidence and health. But what I see and enjoy most is watching and reading what I believe is your constant discovery of self and life. You’re passionate about living life fully despite the haves and have nots. You know I love those who live life big and press on no matter what, you’re real, passionate, funny, considerate and so much more. This is no stroking the ego stuff this is real deal what I think. I don’t read a lot of blogs outside my niche and interests, but the reason I have always been team Suger is that you give us you with all your quirks and moments. I see so much of myself in you and often aspire to let more of that side of me out on my blog etc. You’re inspiring. X

    • I wondered if you’d be able to manage it. You and I are ramblers at heart. Haha. Thank you Trudie. As always you are too generous with me. Thank you my friend.

  • Faith Westwood

    I hate a lot of blogs even though I still read them lol! A lot of the time I come away feeling that a blogger thinks that they have got it sussed and they have great wisdom to pass on. Smug much? Sometimes I feel like you are the opposite. You are pretty open with the fact that you don’t have it all sussed and yet you have a lot of useful straight talking, no nonsense “wisdom” to give. And that is life. Even the most flawed among us (not that you are flawed lol) have something to give. This blog reminds me of that. I also really really really appreciate how dedicated you are to responding to the people who respond to you. It feels like I am participating and not observing.

    • Haha Faith. WHY!? Run and never go back.

      Thank you, I love that, I don’t mind being called flawed at all. I’ve spent a lot of time revealing myself online to get to a point where I feel like there is very little about me that I hide. VERY little. That’s my second favourite part.

      My first, top of the list, very most favourite!? When people talk back to me. YAY. It’s the best. So I’m glad to heat it’s part of your favourite part too.