We are not perfect.

We aren’t even perfect for each other if you get right down to it.

But we work. 

We argue sometimes and laugh a lot. 

We are committed to open communication and refuse to play games around that. 

We aren’t experts, there are people who have been together successfully for much longer than us.

But we love to tell people how it’s done. 

We enjoy each other in every possible way. But I still hate his driving.

We love to snuggle on the couch and eat breakfast in cafes. 

We like to know how the other is going but stay out of the others way. 

We work together well, but will never do reality tv to prove it. 

We knew really quickly that we would be together and have decided everyday since to commit to that. 

We were silly young people in love. 

Now we’re slightly older silly people in love.

We are no different, in many ways, than you.

But man oh man we are weirdos. 

I love that man, we try hard and so, it works.

  • I have to agree that being in a relationship is a choice you make every day. Things aren’t always going to be great, but you choose to wait it out/work through it/try harder. I don’t think it’s the key to success or happiness, but I do think that people are quick to dimiss things when they get a bit hard or aren’t making them happy in that moment. Relationships need to be thought about in a long term sense. So it doesn’t make you happy now, but can it? What can you do for it to make you happy? At least that’s where my head has been lately. It’s not easy, but even I got told a week ago that I “have a great relationship. You’ve always been perfect for one another.”

    • I think that you are absolutely right. A wide view is exactly what is required. You have to be able to see the big picture and beyond. It starts with you too. A relationship can’t make an unhappy person happy for long.

  • Patrick weseman

    Very nice. Like it.