Ladies and gentleman. Boys and girls. Sugers of all ages. Step right up and view the future of images for Suger Coat It!

Inspired by Dani’s amazing Christmas present I’m getting a new camera. I wanted the compact and versatile’ness of it. I wanted the video {maybe you’ll get a second Vlog one of these days}. I wanted how fast it is. And love the images it can take. It’s the Nikon 1 J1. And it’s beautiful. Don’t you think. Sigh.

My old camera will have a good home with my brother and his family. So it will continue to capture amazing photos of Arleigh for years to come. I’m sad to see it go. It really was beautiful.

BUT. Onwards and upwards. Those seeing me at events for the next little bit best get your smiles ready! I’m going to be taking A LOT of photos. Haha.

And notice it said buying. That’s because I’ll be parting with cash for this camera. No review. No contact from Nikon. Nothing. I’m a fan. A mad fan. Just so you know. Full disclosure and all.  

  • This is the part where I wish I was getting some sort of commission, three Nikon1 cameras bought on my recommendation 😛 Have fun with your new baby, can’t wait to see what you do with it!!!

    • Danielle

      Technically that’s two Danielle. Luigi had already brought mine before you put your bid in 😀

      How exciting Liss, you will love it.

    • I feel a dear Nikon email coming on! Maybe add an affiliate link of your own so we can click on it when investigating new products. And when they see the millions of clicks, they’ll HAVE to pay you. Haha.

      I am from a long line of Nikon lovers. I still have all my Dad’s old film Nikons. Sigh. Love. Of. My. Life. 😛

  • I’m so jealous! I’m busting to get one of these baby’s!

    • When I saw Danielle’s photos I was interested. When I spoke to Dani, I wanted it. And as soon as I read through what it could do I NEEDED it.

      And here I am. Who says blog marketing doesn’t work. 😉

  • Ahhh I think that is the camera I looked at just before Christmas. I so need a new camera, will have to have a squiz at on Sunday.

    • For sure! I’ll have it there. Of course. It will pretty much be attached to me from now on. 😛

  • SNAP!

    I just got a compact camera too but went for the Sony instead. Loving the size and versatility.

    SSG xxx

  • I need a new camera! I have looking around and asking everyone whats the best one to get! Havent looked at a Nikon (yet!) – now I will being adding this one to my list to look at 🙂

    Is it easy to use? Good luck and looking forward to looking at your photos!


    • I’ve always had a Nikon, I blame my Dad. This one is good. I need to do some more investigating as it’s not great in low light. I’m sure there’s a setting though that would help that. Photos coming soon actually! 😉

  • I love me a good camera! It’s funny as my son pointed that camera out to me in Myer at Christmas, all because it’s white LOL! Now I’ll have to look at it more closely 🙂

    • Take a closer look for sure! The only issue I’ve had so far is in low light. About to do a little more reading about settings for that.

  • I am so jealous of that camera. I love that it’s white too. Happy Vlogging.

    • Thanks. Hoping to get on to that at some stage soon. It’s proving very tricky to get decent low light photos with. Manual, here I come! 😉

  • Talia

    Oh I want one of these SO badly (Luke wants the Fuji version though??). I think I’m going to wait and see what the camera is like on the new iPhone (I’ll be due for an upgrade once the next one comes out) and see if I still want a camera then… You’ll have to tell me what this is like though to help me make up my mind!
    Ha, look at me, talking like I will actually be able to afford this some time in the near future… unlikely!!

    • Haha. As soon as I started looking online I had to have it. It’s taken a little while to get used to but I’m getting there. The video is pretty amazing! And it takes gorgeous photos. When I get it right that is. 😉