Mu Hubby has a thing for hideous, OLD shirts. Well, clothes in general. But particularly shirts. Saggy, baggy with horrible patterns or names of places friends or relatives have been. It does my head in a little. But when I buy him clothes, soon they are discarded for the old favourites. Pushed to the back of the cupboard, or placed sneakily into the donate bin. New clothes don’t hang around long with my Hubby. Oh no, not my Kelvy. He’s a stickler for the old and the ugly. Clothes, I mean, be kind you lot. I’m not THAT old.

So my plan, is to overhaul his wardrobe, with his help, with him THERE {no matter how much he cries and begs ot be let out of it} and then, I’m burning the rest. Because it turns out that when the going gets tough the tough burn stuff. Or so I hear. So help me ladies and gents. How many ugly things should he be allowed to keep. And is burning them in front of him too harsh?

  • Haha I love that idea of burning hideous clothes!!!

  • Jos

    I went through my husbands wardrobe & culled BIG time last week. Only problem was that I left the throw out clothes in a pile , on the floor, at the end of the bed. He has been dressing himself from the said pile & is now wearing Christmas shirts that have never been touched before! Needless to say that today I will be cutting those babies into rags & cleaning the windows with them & a smile on my face! Keep, no ugly things! Burning is not harsh but I get more pleasure from cutting them up!

    • Baaahaha, I love this story. That is something Kel would do, for sure. He would be like ‘oh, convenient, clothes right there!’. And Christmas shirts. I laughed so hard when I read that.

      • Michelle

        Reminds me of the time my mother-in-law had to go into hospital many years back for major surgery. Her darling husband somehow managed to find a bag of ther three kids’ oldest, rattiest, daggiest things tucked away in the back of the linen cupboard and dressed said kids in said clothes for a visit to the hospital. 30-odd years on and she’s still cranky with him. 😛

        • Haha. Great story! It makes you wonder what he was thinking. And how he came across the bag in the first place. Thanks for sharing.

  • Beck @ Rambling Mummy

    Burning them is a great idea!!!

  • stinkb0mb

    hmmm good luck!

    i learned a long time ago not to tell Guv what to wear or what not to wear, he’s his own person and he needs to feel comfortable in his own clothes – just like i do. he doesn’t wear ugly clothes as such, they aren’t to my taste but they aren’t ugly and even if they were – his choice!

    i’m siding with Kelvy on this one – sorry! may ugly BUT comfy clothes RULE!! 😛


    • Oh Rach, you’re so much kinder than I am. I know it’s super controlling and totally hypocritical thing to do. But I can’t help myself. It’s just so BAD.

      Kel thanks you for the support. Him and his ugly shirts are super grateful. 😉

  • I think burning is a BIT harsh… particularly when you can use them as rags! One trick I learnt recently was if I notice a hole, I tear the shirt from the hole a bit and present it to Other Half… and tell him sorry, it fell apart in the wash, gotta go in the rag bag! LOL. He also has a lot of “working on cars” shirts covered in grease and oil. I keep these separate and throw one or two out every few months and substitute with a horrible from his “daily” wardrobe :p

    • Yeah, you’re probably right. But it wont stop me. The REALLY bad ones are so going to burn. For my own sick pleasure. 😛

      Note to self, start a rag bag.

  • Sares

    Burning one or two pieces sounds like fun… (when my other half left his much hated last job we may have had a party of sorts as we burnt his work clothes !!!) but seriously donate the rest to charity. (Diabetes Aus will even come collect the bags from your doorstep)
    I recently did a clothes cull & it felt so cathartic to let them go but know i was doing something good for someone else!

    • Definitely. Anything that charity shops will accept will go to them. The holy and truly horrid ones will burn! 😀

  • Amy

    I hear you sister.

    When I first started dating my husband, he had this unfortunate love for oversized shirts. Baggy. Button up. And often a weird silky fabric. I would share a photo except I don’t have any- and besides, the image is burned in my mind.

    It was obvious to me that the shirts had to go. But you can’t tell a man what to do- so here’s what worked for me.

    1. Every time he wore one of his nice, well fitted shirts, I fell over myself telling him how attractive I thought he was, how good he looked, how it suited him. Rained down with the compliments. I also tried to be more ‘touchy’ when he was wearing something I (and everyone else on planet earth) liked.

    2. Every time he went out in one of his nice, well fitted shirts, I had my friends tell him how good he looked. Manipulative? Yes. And in case he ever reads this, most people complimented him on their own. I only orchestrated one or two of the positive comments 😉

    3. I encouraged him to spend a crazy amount of money on new t-shirts, from an online store that sold ‘geek’ themed stuff.

    4. When I was visiting his house, I’d take the shirts and hide them in random places so he had to look harder to find them.

    Maybe it was the pressure of trying to impress a new girlfriend, but it worked. And fairly quickly. He’s never gone back to them again. I think the real key was helping him have the confidence to wear something that he thought he was too big or unattractive to get away with (hiding in the big clothes).

    Good luck!

    • Haha. Why you tricky little muppet! I hope Kenny and the boys haven’t taken to reading this blog since our dinner the other week OR you are SO busted.

      Now, to rally the troops for the wow, you look great today Kelvy project. 😉

  • Kel

    Burn, baby, BURN!

    I have a tendancy to go through things while the husband isn’t home and mention nothing. If he happens to be looking for a shirt or something that’s been long gone, I say something along the lines of ‘oh, that shirt? We got rid of it in the big clean up of 2010. Don’t you remember?’

    Now, he doesn’t want to admit he doesn’t remember (and it’s irrelevant that he wasn’t actually there at the time) so he just says ‘oohhhhh, yeah – I remember. All good, I have this one to wear’ and he continues on his merry way, wearing a t-shirt that I’m not ashamed to see him wear in public 🙂

    I love him, but just as he would die if I decided to start wearing Supré fashions – I die a little bit inside when he wears shite clothing.

    My next targets are the Bintang singlets he brought back from his boys trip to Bali. But for the moment they are acceptable for when he’s gardening 😉

    • Baaahaha. Tricky! Very, very tricky.

      Agree, once he made me throw out this maxi dress because it was threadbare. He can watch the ugly burn. Haha.

      Good luck with the Bintang singlets!

  • cull!!!!!!
    I love a good cull!
    I distinctly remember when Ben and I first starting dating he wore these horrible green pants for like 3 dates in a row! When we got serious, the pants got sorted……ahem
    Maybe get him to go through the clothes first and get him to cull, then re cull his keep pile down to half 🙂

    Or, move the comfy clothes to certain times- like house only or beach only???

    • I love a good cull too! My own wardrobe gets done seasonally. His is an epic pile of never culling. I’ll give him a warning. Cull now or loose the lot. Yes, that’ll work.

      Green pants hey Ben..? Hmmm, never a good look. Unless, you know, you’re in the army. 😛

  • Leanne @ Uber Simplicity

    Aww poor thing, let him keep a couple! I have this prob with my Dad. MEN!

    • It’s the crazy hoarders in them I think.

      Read this aloud to Kel and he said support was mounting for the not burning. I told him he was dreaming. Haha. So thanks from him!

  • First a few questions.
    Does he wear these ugly things to work?
    Does he wear them when out and about with you?
    Does he wear them only when at home and relaxing?

    If your answers are No, No and Yes, then I say leave them alone, let him be his comfy self.
    If he wears them when out and about with you, feel free to suggest he wear something more in keeping with what you have on instead.
    If he wears these things to work, then “lose” them until he gets used to wearing more appropriate work attire.
    You could have a few of the more holey ones “fall apart” in the wash. I’ve done that with hubby’s socks and jocks.

  • He should be allowed maybe half a dozen ugly t-shirts on the proviso that he only wears them:
    a) to mow the lawn
    b) when going camping
    c) when watching the footy at home, alone, on a Friday night.
    There has to be rules!