I tried to sort through some of my clothes. Having recently sold a bunch on eBay and donated two baskets full I thought this would be a simple thing. It turns out. I still have a lot of clothes. But not many. It’s the weirdest thing. I was sorting through the clothes thinking skirt, skirt, skirt, top, skirt, skirt, skirt. Hmmmm, why don’t I own a puffy skirts? Or a skater skirt? All my skirts are very straight in their cut. I should branch out in the skirt department. So I add pouffy skirt to the list.

Then I try to find my one pair of black pants and can’t find them. And I wonder why I don’t own any slim fit cropped pants. Or some wide leg pants that aren’t huge on me. I need more black pants, I think. Clearly black pants are missing and I wear them for work so it’s a work thing. No problem. I’ll add pants to the list of items I need to add to the wardrobe.

Then I flick through the t-shirts, unable to throw them away even though I hardly ever wear them. Some of them. But Summer is coming up, I say, I’ll need t-shirts. You always wear more tee’s in Summer… Right? So I fold them up and pack them away again. Smiling at the ranges of colours and styles. Wondering why the heck I have 6 black t-shirts and no yellow ones. So I add yellow shirt to the list of things I want for my wardrobe.

Then I realised if I keep this up, I’m going to be buried under clothes. Skirts mostly.

So maybe I shouldn’t clean out my wardrobe. Right?

  • Rach aka Stinkb0mb

    I’m about to do something this weekend that I have no doubt would send the fashion lovers amongst us in the blogosphere into meltdown. I am clearing out my wardrobe. If I haven’t worn it in the past 6 months OR if it no longer fits me, no matter how much I may love it, it’s being turfed. I’m expecting to end up with a few pairs of jeans, some pants and about a dozen tops if that.

    Scary and liberating all at once. I’m blogging it so you’ll be able to read all about it!

    • Well keep SOME stuff. Makes me nervous FOR you. Haha. I’m such a hoarder, apparently. I do regular clean outs, but I still have WAY too much. Like, waaaaay too much. Need anything I could send you from my stash? 😉

  • It’s such a trap. Maybe it’s a “Melissa thing”, but every time I try to clean things out, I get sucked into what else I need. Can’t wait to see your new buys though!

  • Cherie

    It must be the season for it 😉 I’ve done the throw out, give away, ebay thing recently too. Tomorrow my bestest bud is coming to hang in order … OMG it’s the most wonderful feeling … plenty of room for more glammerness ;~)

    • My clothes seem to breed and spawn more and more replicas of the same item. I throw the same things out, time after time {and by that I mean donate, give away or sell} and yet, there is always more! Can’t wait for my wardrobe room. SO excited.

  • Yes! I have been doing the same. I have finally let go of all my size 12 stuff. It is not that I don’t want to fit into them. It is just that I know my style has changed, and that if I DO get down to a size 12 I will buy all new stuff anyway. That and i’d be stoked just to get to a 14. So off to ebay it all goes. Plus I am getting rid of stuff that fits but that I dont wear. Sadly I am buying almost as much as I am selling. Ha Ha

    • I think that’s important. It’s like getting rid of the past in a lot of ways. You’re SO right. Even if you were ever a 12 again, why would you want to be wearing 10 year old clothes? You’d be shopping your skinny ass off. Haha.

      Ditto on the buying thing. Me too. Absolutely.

  • Moni077

    I feel your pain! I’ve sold over $600 on ebay of old clothes and have donated 2 huge garbage bags …. All good until I discovered 17 Sundays!! My ebay earnings… well spent! At least I’ll look good!