I’ve been annoying myself lately. I’ve been sick. I’ve been cranky. I’ve been lazy. I’ve been eating badly. Too much, too fatty, too sweet. Too EVERYTHING. I skipped the gym for over a week and went sporadically the week prior to that. I have been an annoying, whining, bloated and cranky mess. Did I mention annoying?

So I’m breaking up with myself.

That version of myself anyway.

She can go off somewhere and date an emo rock musician or something because I’m done.


Can I just take a moment here and point out how often this happens. Melissa, all gung ho and away she goes. All wired and ready for anything. Melissa charges forwards with the goal firmly in her sights only to let the whole thing be undermined by poor choices. Sigh. here we are again. Gosh I’m awesome. 

The upside to this immediate and complete break up is that I didn’t suffer along with her for too long this time. A week, two tops. No real damage has been done other than to my self belief. I can dust myself off and get back on that horse pretty much right where I left off. Though the treadmill may provide a bit of opposition to this idea, but I’m willing.


So take that you grumpy, cranky, annoying, bloated, lazy lady.

You’ve been kicked to the curb.

And I can’t think of a better women for it to happen to than you.

You’re welcome.

  • CassandraHodges

    You were too good for that version of you anyway. Kick her to the curb girlfriend!
    But seriously, maybe it was something to do with the moon or whatever, because I’ve felt a bit like this too lately. I decided this morning that it’s a brand new week and time to start over and get back to business. I’m determined to stop being a slacker… this week anyway! Lol

    • Omg, I SO am! 😉

      Maybe it has. My sister and iw ere talking about it and are both ready to go this week. Interesting how that works. Good luck to you! I’m sure you’ll be fab.

  • Maxabella

    I can totally relate. I guess we’ve just gotta get stronger and stop going back for a debaurcherous break-up shag…

    Be determined.


  • Sarah

    That’s funny! I’ve never thought of it as breaking up before but it’s totally true. I sometimes think there are versions of myself. Like Sarah 1.0 etc. I think I’m up to version 10.0. Probably time for a reboot:)

  • sheribombblog

    LOVE this! I broke up with the crappy version of myself this weekend! Started with a bit of an intense emotional meltdown with The Man on Friday night which saw us both in tears. But it was like someone hit the reset switch in my mind and when we woke up on Saturday morning, the rest of the weekend was AMAZING! Best one in a while and we didn’t even do anything or go anywhere. Feeling so much better this week 🙂

    • I’m so glad to hear that! LOVE how you always go after what you need {a conversation or whatever the crux of this was}. You are a star. Go be awesome. xox

      • sheribombblog

        Nawww thank you 🙂 I’d never even thought about it but you’re right, I always do go after what I need. Now I’m feeling even stronger and more awesome! You’re the best! xox

  • Your post gave ME a bit of a buttkicking too. It’s been weeks since my last run, and I’ve been finding every excuse under the sun to avoid re-starting.
    Tonight I’m going to go home, change into my running gear and hit the pavement.
    You’re ace x

  • Ninja

    If you like, I can track her down and go and go all ninja on her……. (silent) haaaaaaWAH
    she won’t bother you again

  • twentyfivewords

    You know what? I have learnt it does not matter how many times you pick yourself up and start again. You are still beating all those people who are not doing anything! Do not feel bad about having a million new starts….because all that matters is that you are able to start again.

  • Starting anew again is far better than not starting at all. Now, if I could just keep reminding myself of that fact! x

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