Firstly, let me start by saying that I would hardly consider myself out of the box. I’ve always been about as IN the box as you can be. This is a list of challenges I’ve been setting for myself lately. Little thoughts and ideas I’ve been considering and implementing and doing. I’ve grabbed some images of the Aussie Curves hotties to demonstrate each point. Enjoy the post, enjoy their images and let me know what YOU think out of the box style means when you get to then end.

Toss the rules!

For plus size ladies there are plenty of how to dress rules. But this happens to everyone, I saw a story on one of the A Current Drama type shows about swimsuit season. Of course the first cab off the rank is for the ‘curvy’ lady {say fat, go on, I dare you} find a suit that hides your flaws. think bulk coverage and blah, blah, blah. And it went on to each body to type to give a dull, we’ve heard it a billion times description of what to wear. It made me want to go buy a teeny tiny strapless bikini just to say up yours. No way. First rule of out of the box style is toss these rules out the window. Know what suits you and wear that. Don’t let the rules tell you what to do, you just might be the exception. Try lots of stuff on, work it out for yourself, make your own rules, then break them over and over again. 

Wear colour!

One of things I have always done is wear a lot of black. Now black, it’s all kinds of fabulous. It has its place and time in your wardrobe. But when it comes to out of the box it’s about colour. Wearing as much as you can as often as you often. Heck, wearing them together is even better. Nothing says I’m completely unrestrained and free as well as decking yourself in top to toe colour. Try it sometimes. You’ll feel like that mad lady everyone points out on the street, but heck, that’s the point. Dig through the wardrobe and start adding colour to your day to day wear. And then, add some more! More and more and more! Haha. 

Wear things you LIKE!

I was considering not using this one. It actually seems silly to even mention it. But you should wear clothes YOU LIKE. Styles you like, colours you like, fit how you like them. Wear clothes you like. It will make you more confident and happier to be wearing clothes you like, so you look better. No really, have you ever seen the girls who hang at the mall in groups tugging at their clothes? I bet if given the chance loads of them would change into something they liked better. I know as a teenager I would try to fit trends and ideas of cool as dictated by my classmates. Most of them, I didn’t like. What I would have given for someone to tell me think outside the box and be my unique self. Wear clothes you like, wear them often and wear them today. 

Consider a trademark look 

I liken this to the likes of Coco Chanel and others of her ilk when I say consider making a statement with a signature look. For me it turns out my statement looks are stripes and pencil skirts. I happened upon them but it’s sort of become my thing. It was my first foray into out of the box dressing. I found a look for me, separate from trends and popularity and all things like that. It for was me, my body and my expression. It’s my trademark look, an expression of who I am in an outfit. That’s why a trademark look is out of the box. It could be rockabilly in a world of neon. It’s about you. Even if you never wear it, take the time to create one, it’ll be fun.      

Have some fun!

And the MOST IMPORTANT RULE is have some fun. If you’re not enjoying your wardrobe, then it’s time for a change. Maybe you have a wardrobe of clothes you love and never wear them? Well now is the time. It’s time to enjoy dressing. Enjoy developing your style. It might be time to shop, swap or borrow some new clothes. The final rule is that there has to be room for lots and lots of fun in your wardrobe. Out of the box is nothing if not fun. So do that. 

So there you go. I used some photos from the gorgeous Aussie Curves ladies. To visit their blogs just click on the image. They have been a great source of inspiration for me. They’ve shown me the way. They’ve been the cheer squad in the background, even when they aren’t there. It’s been good for me and because of this little challenge, I’ve found out a lot about myself and my style. Especially the out of the box side of things.

So tell me, what’s out of the box for you?

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