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No one can say that I don’t stick with things. When I find something that I like I flog that thing to death. Boyfriend jeans are one such thing. These are from Torrid, and when I originally purchased them I thought they were going to be more of a skinny jean, my go to style. A happy surprise indeed. These are my new go-to jeans.

And what can I say, the 90s girl in me couldn’t resist the boyfriend jeans with the bodysuit thing so here we are. Easily my favourite combination. And I know I say that a lot but it is this combination that saw me put aside my ankle boots {(though it works just as well with boots) and slip on some heels again. Perfect and oh so cool.

As an aside… You know the thing I find difficult about bodysuits with a long torso? Even when I sized up, which I did twice, they are still like wearing a size too small swimsuit, dragging everything down with them. I think I might give them up soon in favour of the normal old tuck.

Anywaaaaaays, moving on, so go ahead and enjoy the Aussie Curves: Denim week, my photos and the submissions from the other ladies. First week of a new challenge year. Fun!

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Bodysuit – ASOS Curve {similar’ish}
Boyfriend Jeans – Torrid
Nude Heels – Emerson for Big W
Watch – Guess {so old}
Chain – Diva 

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  • Norlin Mustapha

    Looking good as usual Suger/Melissa. What do I call you?? Anyway, I have not walked into the boyfriend jeans territory yet because they always make me look bottom heavy and short! But I really WANT to try one. I’m thinking of trying the Danii target petite range. I have a feeling it’s the length of most boyfriend jeans that’s been making me look weird. Or maybe it’s my body shape? What do you think? Is there a certain body shape that can suit it?

    • Thank you muchly. Either is fine. Most blog people call me Suger, so you shouldn’t feel weird about it. Even when I introduce myself as Melissa. It’s a hard habit to break. Haha.

      I think the heel is important if you’re shorter and the more fitted style like mine is so you aren’t swamped by material. I saw one of the Olsen Twins in a pair the other day, it might be worth Googling Olsen twins and boyfriend jeans to see how they style theirs. And yes, try the petites range, anything that’ll mean you don’t have to cuff them a thousand times to bring them well above your ankle will help.

  • I bought some boyfriend jeans and I’m loving them, and rocking them with heels looks so freaking classy! I love it. I’m also glad to know I’m not along in the ‘long torso’ club. I cannot ever wear jumpsuits/bodysuits for that exact reason. I’m liking the sheer sleeves of yours though. Huzzah to a new year of curve challenges too 😀

    • Well thank you muchly. I’d been seeing street stylers do it for a while and was like, I’m going to give this a go! NOW. Haha.

      Bloody long torso club, it can be a frustrating place, especially when it comes between me and this fab bodysuit!

  • SpiikerKat

    i love this outfit! the jeans, the bodysuit, the heels – perfect! Just gorgeous!

  • Great jeans Melissa , ahhh bodysuits I love them in theory ( no untuck) but haven’t worn one in years , I remember that wedgie feeling well

    • Thaaaanks Wendy. And yes, I’m hearing you, it might be a return to the tuck for me too. Between the wedgie and the boob squish, it’s not worth it. Haha.

  • bigfella39

    i cant believe that i have been missing this blog. How damn fine are you Suger. I only came across this as a friend had it on her facebook. This gentleman thats lucky to be dating night, is one hell of a lucky bloke.. You are gorgeous. This is what a real woman is all about. Best of luck i will continue to enjoy this sexy blog.

    • Well hello Bill, thank you muchly. I’ll be sure to pass on your sentiments to Mr Suger who on occasion, very rare but it happens, needs reminding. Haha.

  • Those long legs are just made for boyfriend jeans! Hot as!

  • Cute as heck! You ladies are all making me envious of your jean-wearing abilities, but they honestly just look awful on me. I haven’t tried a bodysuit before – do they generally have a crotch flap, or what? 🙂

    • Keep looking and trying, I’m sure there will be a pair somewhere that will work for you. And yup, bodysuits have the crotch flap. Haha. Thanks for asking. 😉

  • Jocelyn ~ Mama’s Style

    Rockin’ those jeans lady!

  • Babin’! I am such a big fan of bodysuits, and am now very tempted to get the one you linked to. So tempted …

  • Looking great! I’m going to have to find my bodysuits, I love them with a maxi skirt – so I should try jeans.

    • For sure! Very Sarah Michelle Gellar {sp? Auto-correct assisted, I’m not sure} in the 90s. Haha.