Caution: This post contains a gifted item with fart noise story. Is there an elegant way to say fart noise? Probably not. Sorry about that. Moving on. 

My stripes week is coming to an end and I saved this fun outfit {and post} for last. I picked up this stripe tank in Best & Less the other day because neon is so EVERYWHERE right now and I felt a little left out. Stores are jam-packed full of the stuff except the plus size ones. I hate when that happens. I want what everyone else is buying thanks. Not some watered down floral version. Boooo.

So anyway. I saw this {and a ombre neon orange and white one} and had to have it. I knew it would be perfect teamed with my light wash jeans that I’ve recently rediscovered in my wardrobe. It wasn’t until I was looking for shoes heading out the door that I looked over and thought the Crocs sneakers would be a perfect match for not only the outfit but the running around I needed to do.

Yes Crocs. You heard that right. There’s more to this story…

plus size boyfriend jeans + stripes-8 plus size boyfriend jeans + stripes-1 plus size boyfriend jeans + stripes-3 plus size boyfriend jeans + stripes-6

Now where was I? Oh yes, the Crocs sneakers. I am putting my hand in the air as THE WORST when it comes to teasing people {cough, Liv} about loving and wearing their Crocs. I just didn’t get it. Sure I like comfort in a shoe but not that much. No thanks, not for me. But that didn’t stop the team who do the PR for Crocs from sending me the press releases for new stock. And when these babies crossed my inbox I actually requested a pair.

Shock horror. Liv stop laughing.

And I love them. Comfortable, really cute with cuffed boyfriend jeans for that whole laid back, got stuff to do vibe and easy to wear. Funny story? I wore these without socks {I’m a grub I know} and the soft plasticy base made fart noises as I walked. Hence most of the photos in this post involve some form of laughing or talking. I said to Hubby oh no, what do I do, they’re so comfy but I can’t be making fart noises as I walk all the time… He said it’s pretty simple babe. Wear socks.

Oh yeah. Derrr me. And for those playing at home, problem solved.

plus size boyfriend jeans + stripes-2 plus size boyfriend jeans + stripes-5 plus size boyfriend jeans + stripes-7

Tank – Best & Less {in store now}
Jeans – ASOS {2010’ish}
Retro Sneakers – Crocs {gifted}


  • Those sneakers are awesome!! And the tank too. I hear you about not finding what everyone in “normal size” is wearing. I´m really struggling to find local factories that make cool plus size clothes for my customers. Last week I actually got into an argument with a factory owner ´cause they had a great selection of normal size clothes but their plus line was incredible dull. I mean, not even my grandma would have worn that. I really can´t understand their bussiness sense -don´t they realise that if they make cool plus size clothes, we´d pay for it??

    • They are right!? And they come in some other pretty fab colours too. The tank, gosh, I could use ten more of them {not need, but certainly use}. I feel your pain on that limited choice front. It was a little bit like that for me in my small town before I discovered online shopping. thank GOODNESS for online shopping. The other brands will wake up sooner or later. Fingers crossed.

  • I, like you Suger, never quite took to the Crocs. Holy hell they are comfy but also very ugly! Until I noticed another girl in the US who’s blog I follow is a Crocs ambassador really! I never knew they made other shoes AND BOOTS until I saw them! And now seeing that they also do sneakers, I may just have to pay the Crocs outlet a lil visit!!! Love the rest of the outfit too by the way 🙂

    • Haha. Indeed! Liv has clearly been chipping away at us both. That wiley minx! 😉 And THANKS!

  • Rachel T

    I LOVE this tank! I’m so glad that Best and Less is working on the plus size range. Now they just need an online store so I can buy online to avoid mummy guilt dragging my toddlers around to go boring mummy shopping lol.

    • Me too. The releases lately have been really fun and fresh. Great job them. Haha. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for that online store for you. We can’t have you feeling badly. 😉

  • I need some more bright stuff for summer – I’ve been avoiding the shops lately but if there’s colour around I may have to duck in to get some 🙂

    • There is plenty around. Finally! As much as I love a monochrome outfit it’s nice to have some BRIGHT options. Happy shopping.

  • Such a cute tank! Hilarious shoes too.
    I went out and got a neon scarf from Kmart that I saw in one of Danimezza’s posts. That’s going to be my nod to the trench this spring :p

    • Haha. They are funny shoes, like a bloody comedy act all of their own. Stinkers. I saw that scarf but couldn’t justify another one given I have millions AND I live in Queensland AND it’s already a billion degrees. You wear it for the both of us, would you. 😉

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