When I was taking the photos for yesterday’s Magshop post, I couldn’t resist being all fashion blogger and prancing in front of the camera. What can I say, I’m hopeless. You just can’t stop me now. There’s a camera out somewhere and I’m like THERE. So on a gorgeous day frolicking on Cotton Tree well, let’s just say, I have loads and loads of photos. Did someone say poser? Of you did, did you… Well here you go!

I first spotted this dress on Claire’s blog. I added it to my things I was going to buy at BigW list. It turns out a lot of other people might have had it on their list too because my local store only had two sizes left and neither were going to work for me. Darn it! Then Hubby and I were wondering around the Rouse Hill BigW and there it was. I tried it on in various sizes then and there {yes, in the aisles, clothes on, Mum style} and finally ended up with the 24 because the 22 was sold out. I think it works well. And that’s about it. No shoes, the sunnies you’ve seen before, easiest outfit post ever!

What can I say, it was SUPER windy.

Dress – Avella for Big W
Flip Flops – KMart
Sunglasses – Swapped

{no brand associations currently exist}

  • Catherine

    Great summer dress! I’m yet to bust my new summer dress out, but with all this confidence building going on, I think I might wear one on the weekend!

  • Rach aka Stinkb0mb

    I walked past this dress in Big W the other day, looked it up and down, umm’d and ahhh’d and decided it wasn’t for me but looking at it on you, perhaps a second look is needed? Though I’d have to wear leggings under it because I rarely bare my legs, just too big and ugh! 😉

    • Go get the dress, maybe you’ll feel so great in it you’ll ditch those hot old leggings. If not, you’ll rock it anyway. xo

  • I almost bought this yesterday 🙂 I just couldn’t be bothered trying it on lol.

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